Why am I skating 1000km? are you crazy?
Well I like to think so, but no. 

Skating for Camp Quality & Starlight is the main motivation to complete this skate. You’re always more capable when you’re doing it for a cause.

Another big reason that I’m doing it is I’d like to show that it’s possible. You can literally do anything if you put your mind to it.
There are a lot of people that this trip would be a warm up for. Yet even though they’re mere mortals as well, the larger society seems to idolize them and put them beyond their own capabilities.
I’d like to shatter this idolization and prove that just an average person with a board and a bag can do anything!
I’ve handicapped myself a little bit further and due to lack of funds. I’ll be surviving on about $20aud a day or about 12 euro. You’d think think this would make me more nervous, but I’m even more excited!

Personally I’m extremely pumped for this adventure, a little nervous but heaps more excited! So I think my excitement is hiding the nervousness.
I guess overall I do like challenges and seeing what I’m capable of… and why not?

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