There are so many reasons to love anything here are a few of why I love my Hammbag! 

My Hammbag always has my back. It’s saved me in so many circumstances where I’d least expect it. It’s one of the few things that I’ve loved more the longer I’ve had it, unlike my phone that looses it’s novelty after a month. 

A lot of people have got a Hammbag just to use it as a hammock and set it up somewhere. That’s great because it’s a ridiculously comfy hammock with its terry cotton interior. Although heaps I know end up using it for something they didn’t expect.

Anything Anywhere!

Travelling around the world going on a heap of different quests; camping, backpacking, hiking, hitchhiking, climbing or just day ventures to the beach or bush. The Hammbag will do more then just carry my stuff. I’ve found uses from the basic 5 (Hammock, bag, towel, blanket, mat) to ludicrously inventive uses. (You can checkout our tip page or our Instagram for some examples)

Useful Things

By itself a hammock/blanket/towel is useful then add a couple of carabiners and quick release straps to it! you can then pretty much accomplish anything! 
I’ll just leave it at that because if you have a carabiner on your keys or have witness the power of the straps, you’d understand.

Surprises You

Yeah of course you know how you can keep thinking of new ways to use the Hammbag. Although a few of my friends got it for the sole purpose to use it as a hammock. Although not being hammock fans they didn’t use it as a hammock for 6 MONTHS! (Can’t imagine not being in a hammock for that long). BUT does that mean they never used the hammock!? Not at all! Most weekends they’d put, wine, cheese & dip goto the park and have an awesome picnic. A few times I’d see them and join in! (Hammbag can happily hold 3! although I did have mine). It didn’t stop there. Using it at home as storage because you can use the carabiners to clip it anywhere. Then even as a handy kitchen/bathroom towel was also useful.

Comes Parties!

Going to house parties was a common occurrence for me in uni. When other people joined and just chucked their bag in the corner, the Hammbag would come out and party! 
Besides being the best Cool Bag being extremely insulated keeping beers cold for hours. I’d use it as a mat if were playing games on the ground or a table cloth. Or if someone spilled a drink on an expensive couch/carpet, guess who was there to wipe it up! 
When someone passed out at a party and needed a bed or a quiet place to get away from it all… Boom Hammock!

Just Whatever

Really anything. There will be a time where  Someone has needed something completely random (Last one was, a belt at a wedding). And guess what, yeah, the Hammbag was there!

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