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Easily switch it between any form. With incredible yet simple features there’s not much it can’t do! The ultimate travel companion ready to help you adventure anywhere anytime! 

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Some unique uses we’ve came up with for the Hammbag! Check our tips section or our instagram (@theHammbag) for more!


Disclaimer: You can never have ‘the best’ in the world because it’s all subjective and judged by selected criteria of whoever is making the claim.
So here are some other products that have had successful crowd funding campaigns and have stated as being versatile.
Although to categorise the Hammbag it primarily falls in 3 fields, Bag, Hammock & Towel. So we found our favourite 4 of each of the different areas. 

hammbag bag comparison


  • Owly Packs – This is a rugged large backpacking bag. It’s a modular design with a bunch of extras such as hammock that you can add to it. Essentially just buying a bag and a hammock. Really nice hiking bag and cool concept, but personally prefer to get my own bag & hammock.
  • ETHNOTEK – Not a unique bag at all. Although I love the concept of using sustainable material and local labour. We are pursuing these goals now to. Also appreciate how the main pocket clips closed
  • Peak Design –  An extremely well designed and functional backpack. Ideal for photographers or digital nomads. It’s snazzy and has a lot of features. Although other then being an awesome bag it’s not really versatile and pretty expensive.
  • XD Design – Another classic simple backpack, It has all you need and a very stylish design. Amazing material and decent price. Although it’s still a bag, and when it comes with me to a party, beach or hike it will just sit there being a bag.  
hammbag hammock comparison


  • Flying Tent – A revolutionary product! Combining a Hammock, tent & poncho in one. Although using the poncho when you need seems a bit difficult. The tent and hammock setup also has some tricks to it. Good idea although a bit bulky and pricey for me. 
  • Hacked Pack – A backpack hammock wana be! its a basic bag with a hammock inside it. We had to put this here because essentially it’s a hammock bag. Though a very un-innovative take on it.
  • Haven – Another well design hammock allowing you to lay flat, a hybrid design. Although a great distance between tree’s is needed and a long set up time. It is like a floating tent. It is heavier and very big to carry around. A
  • Crua Koala – A well design basic hammock. WIth a lot of useful pockets and a small packing size it’s very convenient. Although just a hammock it has an older brother which is a tent as well, this is an awesome tent. 
hammbag towel comparison


  • Pangea – A micro fibre bamboo towel. Very nice design, self storing and saving the planet. In fact we enjoy this towel so much, we may be doing a partner ship or borrowing some ideas
  • HoodiePillow – A towel… with a hoodie. To be fair as a kid I loved the towels you could wear. You’d put your head through the middle and have a hoodie. That is the true hoodie towel, I’d rate that over this thing.
  • Somer Side – Can’t do much with a micro fibre towel, except give it awesome patterns! and that’s exactly what they did! Aswell as make it sustainable. Can’t ask for much else. 
  • Kanso – A nice towel claiming to be ‘self cleaning’. Just polymid & bamboo fabric blend that happens to be anti-bacterial. Although advertised extremely well