The Flow state can be reached doing anything; from racing cars to painting. People can find absolute presence in whatever they’re doing it enhances the hole event. 
Some people go one trips and have such amazing time no matter what they do or where they go. It seems crazy experiences just seem to follow them. This is the flow of travel, and it’s easier to do then you think!

World is an IRL-RPG

One time in Netherlands I’d just skate to the highest spot(hill) I could see, then skate to the next the next and go from there. 
It’s like if you’d log into a MMO-RPG(Massively Multi Player Online Role Playing Game). What would you do? you can’t just go fight some dragons, you just logged in. You need to go explore that village pick up some quests first. Or maybe you want to go checkout that mountain or that cool looking coastline you see on the mini map(tip:Pick up a local map). You may of heard a rumour about a secret spot you wanted to see or old church. A simple beer may cause you to cross paths with some sexy gypsies or some crazy cool pirates. You may have heard that this place is good to level up some special skills. Go wild!

There’s never a wrong way to spend your time. I’ve been to the same place many times and always and such vast range of experiences. Never worry about what you may have missed out on, realise what you have.

Do it & Go with it

You said to someone back home you’re going to do something hectic. Now you find out you have to get up super early, travel somewhere far, pay a little bit more or something. Do it, the more effort will make it feel more worth wild. Especially if you meet new cool people and make a plan. Stick with it and go with it. Unless the idea has developed and is now something more awesome you are going to do stick with your plan. Don’t just let time go and say you missed a train.

Don’t Panic. Take a breath

Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy biggest tip; Don’t Panic. There is never a reason to be overwhelmed or stressed about anything! unless you or someone else is in serious risk or in harm. And even then, still just take a deep breath.

Probably the most given out piece of advice and not taken. ‘keep breathing‘, ‘focus on your breath’, ‘breathe slowly’, ‘Don’t hold your breath’, ‘just breathe’, ‘the trick to life is keep breathing’. Every aspect of our life we are breathing, it’s the one consistent. Sometimes it’s enough to just be present and focus on that.

Ask Questions & Listen!

Your phone is great, seriously phenomenal. However if you have a simple question about a place to go or how to get somewhere I highly recommend you ask someone that’s around. Maybe who you check-in with, that person in the lift or the girl walking her dog. It’s amazing what advice and stuff you can find out talking to people that google wouldn’t tell you. 

“Those who ask, receive”, There has been many times where I think I’ll have a ridiculous request or is really dumb or I’d just like something to happen. The first way to bring that thought or idea into reality is asking the question. You’ll have so many more amazing experiences if you overcome the fear of a short conversation and just ask. Remember, “those who ask a question is only a foll once, those who don;t are a fool for a lifetime!”

Just met someone, asked a question or a stranger started talking to you. Now listen with empathy. Even if you where trying to say something, ‘Seek to understand then be understood’. You can learn so much from people, even homeless on the street have taught me so much when I was truly listening. I’ve even made lifetime long friends by listening them for hours and then at the end they’ll tell me how interesting or cool I am, even though I didn’t say much.

Different Places, Different Culture, Different People…

Wherever you go in this world there’ll be change, fact. So get used to it! Roll with it. Don;t cringe at something cause it’s not like that at home. Don’t oppose an experience or opportunity because it’s not how you like it or are used to it (squatting is the natural way ;P). Respect that the world is a crazy place and you’re privileged enough to experience this, whatever it is.

Respect for the different cultures and people, how they developed such unique styles of living and expressing themselves. Try to engulf yourself in the local culture it’s not only always extremely fascinating it will help you discover things about yourself (even if that’s finding out about your own discomforts).  

People are people no matter where you go. Everybody knows something you don’t and has a story to share. Everyone is generally kind and most are friendly. So always be happy and never be afraid to ask for help.

Excited! Not Nervous (Good advice for life)

You’re shaking, can’t stop thinking about it, sweating, not sure what will happen, it will be your first time. It doesn’t matter how intense it feels nervousness & excitement are identical. One just has a negative mind set the other positive. Never get nervous again, every time you feel nervous tell yourself you’re actually excited (Re-programming the brain is easier to do then you think).

When you’re excited you bring the hole groups energy level up, you think clearer and are more ready. Nervousness brings down your energy, makes your head foggy and definitely not ready for anything. So just switch, it’s as easy as saying “I’m excited!”. 

Gratitude (Good advice for life)

Everyday you should just be grateful! Even more apparent when you’re travelling. Less then 20 years ago flights where still a luxury and expensive. Public transport was no where near what it is today. Internet was laughable and maps were painful. Nowadays everything is given to us on a silver platter and people still scoff at small inconveniences they have to entail. 
Remember we don’t have to spend months on a boat with no air conditioning or buffet service to get from continent to continent, and that was only 80 years ago, not 200 or 1000. 

Sum Up – The Flow of Life

Travel really is is getting the chance to experience a place, and to discover new things. It almost makes you feel like a baby again (sometimes not even able to read or speak). It makes you more curious about everything, giving it so much awe and wonder. What would be a local town square or a mountain lake for some would be another’s dream. If you can make everyday feel like you’re travelling some place new. Giving awe and curiosity to every ally way and local bakery. So you’re still living life just some place new, to you, at that time. In it’s essence it’s no different then your every day life flow.

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.” – TS Eliot

If you ever want to know where to go; A man wanted to be part of a monastery. When he arrived he asked the monks what they do. They replied ‘We eat when we’re hungry and sleep when we’re tired’. If you can grasp that concept you will always find your flow.

What it’s not

it’s hard to say what it’s not, because it is hard to say what it is. Basically if you have sensible set of core life principles then you’ll be fine. 

“The flow of travel isn’t just jumping a ticket machine and running on to a train. Some times it could be just running onto the next train. Basically not breaking any ‘serious’ laws; seriousness may vary depending on situation. It’s not accepting pills from a random at a bar. Though could be havin’ a ‘hectic’ night with some peeps you met on the beach. As long as no harm can happen to anyone. You’re also not going to jump into a car that pulls over and offers a lift. Although you could call a tuk tuk or jump on that tram.”

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