The Big 3

When travelling on a budget there always seems like a lot you need to take into consideration. However it is a lot simpler then you first imagine. 
There are 3 main areas that are needed for travel of any type; Transport, Accommodation & Food. If these 3 can be tackled efficiently & economically you can travel anywhere on peanuts! in fact if these three things can be tackled even in your every day life you can live on minimal income and have huge savings.
Overall you’d be able to travel anywhere in the world on less then $500 AUD a month!

I’ll discuss more into depth in these topics in future post, but will just do an over view of them here.



I barely touched on these topics and can easily write a full post about each one… so that’s what I’ll do. Over the next couple weeks I’ll post more in-depth insight into each topic. If you apply these tactics you may be budgeting so hard that you miss out on some experiences, so when I go into further detail I’ll show you how to prioritise budget V experience.

But for now, here is an amazing video that will show you how budget travel is easily possible!

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