I’m doing a 1000km skate or longboard trip across Europe. Well Germanz and Holland. Berlin to Frankfurt to Munster to Amsterdam! It’s for 2 charities; 😄Camp Quality – https://www.campquality.org.au/ 🌟Starlight – https://starlight.org.au/

The Greatest Skate Commenses

After a weekend in Berlin, Monday was my set dayto depart. The wierd thing about starting this quest is there is no one to tell you when to go, where to leave from or even to check if I’m ready. I just picked up my bag and board and just left… After a Kebab, Very anti climantic butjust how it was.

Next few days were challenging…

Starting the skate I think I got to excited and I started of doing 100+km a day. My body started failing me; My left knee got inflammed so much I couldn’t use it at all, my right ankle, left hip and shoulders were also not far behind in failing. However, I pushed through!


I’ve learnt a lot from this trip! One of the things early on was goal setting. Breaking up the bigger mission (1000km skate) down to bite size chunks. Each day I’d have a minimum target to reach by the end of the day. Then I’d break that into 3 sections, so I’d have breakfast break and a lunch break, then could arrive and celebrate with bed break! (usually onlz had 2 meals a day).
Some days were extra difficult because lack of energy, more up hills, rain, no solid roads, lac of civilisation… really there were a lot of factors that I didn’t count on. Then I’d have to have a small break in the middle of one of the 3 sections.
Asection often was anywhere between 30 – 50km and would usually take between 3-5 hours.

When making the goals I#d always make it attainable however would have an extra goal, so if I attained that I#d be extra happy. Usually I managed to push myself to make the extra goal.

A BIG Cheers to!

Many people have helped and been extremely supportive, such as; GoPro, have generously donate a camera and accessories!  Original Skateboards, shouted a deck! And Basement Skate set up the board for us!

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