A small city in teh geographical center o Germany! It’s not much but it has amaying character! I loved it, and highly recommend it. After being there 2 nights, already have my local! Mention my name, you’ll probablz get a free shot!

This is Tough!

After recovering a day in Muhlhausen I was of! My knee being tthe biggest concern was mpst definitely not better, despite being of it for a hole day and getting Voltaron for it! So my solution was to push the rest of the way on one leg!

The next 2 days were really difficult skating with an injury 270km to Frankfurt and I still had the biggest hills to climb over! The weather wasn’t looking great and even pushing on flat ground hurt. This stretch also had a lot of bush terrain where skating wasn’t really possible… However my board is such a beast!
Thank you again Original Skateboards & Basement Skate for setting us up with this Warrior Beast of a board!

Was an intense part of the trip! I am now about a week ahead of schedule so I’m going to checkout Frankfurt for a few days see what it’s like…. oh theres a festival this weekend, how convenient! I’m sure I won’t loose anything or do anything stupid…

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