Later this year I’m going to be skating 1,060km! From Berlin to Amsterdam, via Frankfurt & Munster.
I’m doing this for 2 charities; Camp Quality & Starlight.They’re charities that help children get through treatment in hospital. They do this by giving the kids an amazing experience that gives them and their families a chance to get away from what they’re going through.


I know because when I was 6 I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Over the next 2.5 years I was on chemotherapy then the following 6 years I was in remission.
All through that experience Starlight was there in the hospital constantly helping out, engaging and making us have fun it literally made the hospital experience amazing. They even had a Starlight room filled with games, toys and new friends where it was the best spot in the hospital to hangout!
Between visits to the hospital I got to go on camps with Camp Quality. They’d take you on an adventure and you’d forget about the hole experience even if everyone with you was sick as well it was barely noticeable. The companions that helped out did such a great job and having fun with us.
Both helped me through the hole event and left me with such positive  memories that I’ll never forget! 

Luckily back then there weren’t a heap of cameras and taking photos whilst in the hospital wasn’t a priority so missed out on capturing a lot of memories in the starlight room

Read more about my story here.


So in memory of all that. It’s my turn to give back to the charities that helped me out so much! I’ll be embarking on this giant odyssey or epic quest! if you will. 
Skating from Berlin to Frankfurt to Munster because the chemotherapy I had was called BFM 95. Standing for the cities where it was developed and researched as well as the year of testing.
I’m adding Amsterdam to it basically to round up to 1000km and stand for ALL.
I guess I’m doing this because Camp Quality & Starlight helped me smash through ALL so I’m going to smash this skateboard for them!

Here you’ll be able to follow all of my preparation, planning & training. You can also checkout the skate map. When I do the skateboard trip in August I’ll also have live updates and posts here. Alternatively you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@BoardsTour).  


Any support would be massively appreciated even just giving us a shout out or sharing us to your friends. Any encouragement would be amazing!

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