The idea of the Hammbag was a brain child from a Byron Bay road trip. Tom brought only his plain old hammock and only his hammock. No towel, backpack, sleeping bag or really that much else. Less is best right?
Then surprisingly we used it for everything! a sack to walk our beers to the beach, a mat for everyone to sit and watch the sunrise, a towel after swims and even a blanket!

After that Toms mum helped us sew a few prototypes together. We both took them around the world travelling; backpacking, camping, hiking and just vacationing. Once again we used it for absolutely everything! Bag, backpack, bed, towel, blanket, hammock, picnic mat, pillow, poncho. Even the straps & carabiners were useful in their own right (check tip section for even more uses!).
We thought, “Right, the world needs this in their lives!”

Since then we’ve constantly been working on it, thinking of new ways to use it, which is surprisingly endless. Till this day we never go anywhere without it.