Often get asked “How did you create something”. As complex as that question may seem it all starts with a simple step

When is Something Invented?

At what stage is an idea created. When it’s thought of, when it’s designed, when first prototype is made or when its thought of. It’s hard to draw a line to say something is officially invented. When it’s selling to the public? though Henry Ford commercially release the fossil fueled car in 1896 (Quadricycle) in the 1700s the first steam cars were being experimented  An idea isn’t an idea until it’s told to the universe. So write it down, make it a thing! .

Step 1 

Write it down. Draw it. Verbalize it. Bring it into this universe. An idea can’t go from being in your mind to being in this universe without entering a few pre conceptions first. The best way to do it is the moment you think a thought and it may be a  good one. write it down. That’s it. Honestly the moment you get something on paper and can visualize it that’s when it makes its way into reality.

That’s It

From then on it’s all up to the idea. As long as it’s on paper or in the universe the idea can begin to manifest. The more thoughts, momentum and motivation behind it the faster it’ll progress. 

That’s basically it. After you have the idea down the next step might be an email or a quick google search. Then you progress to the next step. It’s never as crazy as simply bringing an idea from your brain into real life. There’s time and effort that need to involved for you to show the universe you really want it. The moment that quest partakes it’s impossible to stop it. Slow it down for sure! Though a thought can’t be unthunk.    

Here’s a link of how to make an awesome note book!

Now What?

Well like every idea you got to start from nowhere and get to somewhere. Sometimes you have to ask for directions, they might not know where to go. Although they may know a guy down the road that may know or may know a knower. Seriously we went to Indonesia with one loose connection. Came back with contacts, factories, samples, manufacturing knowledge and an incredible experience.

All it takes is to admit ignorance and take the next smallest step you can think of.

What’s the Next Step?

Now where? That is something everyone often asks on any journey? The real answer is no one knows. Just do whatever you think is right. It probably won’t be, although you’ll be making progress in something. There is never a wrong or decision or waisted time. Do something, anything even if it’s 1% progress on a task.

Then What?

Do it again. What’s the next step. Where do you want it to go. Is it still going in that direction. do you have any new ideas to add or could it be better. What needs improving is it as efficient/cool/awesome as possible. 
Yeah there’s a lot of questions and we could keep going although you should stop reading and start writing down your idea!

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