I’ve seen a lot of Sporks

Though an extremely necessary tool. I often seen them get way to complex. I just need a thing to pick up food with (potentially cut it). 

Here it is, a piece of matte black stainless steel that can do everything the Hammbag can’t do (Like being a spoon).

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Now we’ve got an even better one!
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ultiamte spork


Seems redundant but I’ll tell you about them anyway



Use the bowl side of sporkey as a full sized spoon



The 4 prongs on the otherside works as a great fork!
(FF: putting the words spoon, fork & key is how we came up with the name)



The serrated edge on the fork side is a perfect kitchen knife

bottle opener

Bottle Opener

There’s even a beginners bottle opener on it
(I say beginners because it’s easy to use, professionals can use a stick)

can opener

Can Opener!

No longer use a complicated moving part system or stabbing your can to smithereens, Sporkeys goot your back



You know what it can attach to… a Hammbag, well actually anything

in action