Skated from PE to Mossel Bay trying to get Hammbag pro out there. The adventure was both fun and successful. Lots of shops along the garden route where extremely excited to have them in their shops! Keep an eye out for it next time.

4/5/21 – 5am PE

The adventure begins hoping off the bus in Gqerberha aka Port Elizabeth or PE in the early ours being dropped of near the train station. Walking through the city in the dark was pretty fun. There were a lot of homeless around although if you smiled they’d smile and wave back. Just as friendly as everyone else.
Before leaving the main city stopped by a Checkers or Spar to grab my snacks for the trip which was; corn thins, peanut butter, chilli & dates. Which was under my R150 budget a day and it lasted 2 days!
Also skate by Maitland Beach because the Hammbag pros were made in Maitland in Cape Town so felt that had to checkout the beach there. Awesome spot! There is an abandon resort where it definitely needs some attention. Though makes a pretty good home if you got a Hammbag 😉
Skated ~70km was still about 10km from J-bay it was getting dark about 7pm and a storm was coming in. Luckily a buckie pulled over and gave us a lift the rest of the way there.
Arriving at Jeffreys Bay 30 minutes before the storm I went to the beach and setup a hammock tarp under some wooden stairs. The storm was hectic, luckily not all my stuff got wet hanging from the hammock. 

Jeffreys Bay – Island Vibes

After the first night thunderstorm needed somewhere to dry my gear and go pitch the Hammbag. Luckily the best backpackers in Jbay Island Vibes hooked us up! Legit awesome place on the beach!

Spent that day going to all the shops in Jbay and finally got them in the Surfing Village – Country Feeling. Mission successful. 

St Francis Bay

Skated from Jeffreys to St Francis and hammocked first night then St Francis Bay Backpackers hooked us up for a night! Was awesome fair warning the monkeys took my bananas & dates.

When I was skating out of St Francis Bianca from Breathe Move Play passed by picked me up… and brought me back cause she said I didn’t see the proper St Francis. She was right took me around like a proper local. There are some pretty good food places and a brewery in that tiny town such as; Heal Cafe, The Bakery (specifically homemade snickers bar) and of course st Francis Bay brewing co.

All the Way to Plettenberg Bay 

Got a lift to Humansdorp skated about 25km out of it. Trucky picked us up for 15km. Skated another 10km. Then whilst peeing on a speed limit sign another legend Jacobus picked us up and gave us a lift all the way to Plett! Which was not only a lot further then Tsitsikamma where my original goal was. He also got a Hammbag! Was a very amazing ride.

Apparently have a 2nd cousin Teressa who met for the first time and offered me an amazing place to stay.

Plettenberg Bay ~ Hammock Haven  

Plett is one of the most hammockable beach towns I’ve been in. It’s almost impossible to setup a hammock and not see another spot within sight. And now find Hammbag pros at so many of the shops including Global Village, Surfing Life, The Surf Shop & Crush. Mission, success! 😀

Quick Trip To Knysna 

Skated 35km to Knysna found out all the shops were owned by a lady in Plett though already had a meetings the next week. The events that occurred entering in Knysna was crazy and mind blowing!

Will try explain it quick, although words will not quiet some up this experience: Skating into Knysna has 30mins before the storm. Quickly went around town pitching Hammbag only to find out the store owner was back in Plett (Yeah she pretty much owned all the surf stores in Knysna). As I was going to a random shop on the far side of town ran into Wendy (A nice lady who met few months earlier). We only spoke once at a cafe where saw her preform, she recognised me as ‘Skater Boy’. As was demoing the Hammbag to her the storm hit. Though not like any storm either of us had experienced before it was really super natural… luckily we had the Hammbag, so wrapped it around her and went into cover.

She tha proceeded to drive me around Knysna pitching to her friends and after buying a Hammbag she dropped me off at a hostel. Then the funky Knysna Backpackers also hooked us up with a room for the night we had a braai and went crabbing!


Teressa took me to where she actually lives Oudtshoorn where I got to feed dinosaur like creatures! well ostriches and giraffes which was still awesome! 

Part 2

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