Hammbag Adventurer Kit


Get an extremely functional and stylish sling bag ready for every adventure! Loaded with everything you need for anything adventure/quest/mission/walk about/shenanigan’s you get upto;

  • Hammbag – To carry your everything
  • Hammock – For times to take it all in
    • w/ Carabiners & ropes
  • Microfibre Towel – Warmth
  • Spork – Those finnicky tasks
  • Phone Ring –  A lot more useful then you think


The simplest most functional bag in the world. A simple sling bag with 2 secure zipper pockets, 2 big drinks pockets and the straps a hammock!

The strap is long enough so you can turn it into a kind of back sack, backpack or just sling bag over your shoulder.

Works with ANY nylon hammock.


A single nylon hammock with a self storage side pocket. Also comes with carabiners and ropes to ready to hang anywhere.

Ultimate Spork

The ultimate travel spork! made from high quality stainless steel with a matte black finish.

This spork has it all; Spoon, Fork, knife, Can Opener, Bottle Opener & Wrench!

It even includes a carabiner.

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Microfiber Towel

Just a funky microfibre towel!

Your standard 140cm x 70cm sports & travel towel. For people that need a towel for quick adventures!

Perfect fit for the Hammbag with it's dedicated long side pockets. Carry 2 almost un-noticed in your bag.

Phone Ring

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