Last post was stuck in Gqeberha from a skate injury.

Speed bump in Gqeberha

Well actually skated into a fence. Got a serious injury that got infected and put me out for almost 3 weeks. Luckily perfect timing to meet Mr G! Gqeberha’s legendary geologist and chef! His chilli should be world famous and was so accommodating. Helping me get to a full recovery with a full belly!  

MrG and his famous burgers in Gqeberha

Walk 67 with Jigga

After Gqeberha met Jigga in his home town of Kentononsea. His friends, family and the hole town were extremely welcoming and was an amazing time. Walked with him for the first few Ks leaving town though he left me behind for a couple more days of recovery. After that then caught upto him on wheels!   

Caught up to Jigga approximately 70km out of Gqeberha. Walking there caught up with Mr G and continued our walk for another ~70km to Jefferies Bay!

Jigga recommended me to go checkout the Wild Coast. What a coast line! Extremely stoked he recommended it! Specifically a small town called Morgans Bay.

Had to catch a ride to East London. Then decided to walk ~100km along the coastline to Morgans Bay  

River Crossings

There were multiple crossings. This was definitely the largest and deepest. Interesting thing is earlier on the walk there was a group of elder woman who managed to cross it although didn’t get wet 🤔 

Morgans Bay

A ridiculously awesome little town. Has all you need without all the crowds. There are so many towns like this along the Wild Coast and even more as you head further north. It’s hard to explain without experiencing something similar.

In The Green Backpackers

Legendary friendly hostel in the bush in the middle of a tiny coasty town. Dog friendly and just down the road from the local shop! The owners are just as cool as there crew of pups. Checkout how cool there palace in the bush is >

To Durban!

From Morgans Bay chilling a night by Kei River. Managed then to get a couple quick rides upto Durban. Spent the first night on the beach.

Aweh Africa Backpackers

Overlooking Durban is a homely backpackers that really creates a warm vibe. It is also doggo friendly and filled with amazing people who run it have their own story to tell.

Onwards to Jozi!

After getting a ride ~100kms out of Durban by one of the friendly regulars. Embarked on a weekend long hitch hiking trip to Johannesburg. Was the most amount of cars that stopped and at the same time the least amount of lifts obtained. Besides people stopping and then continuing. There were multiple occasions of people coming after and getting rides well before. Eventually the right rides came along and had a great time. 

Johannesburg AKA Joburg AKA Jozi 

On the adventure to Joburg met a fellow hitchhiker who was also getting dropped of there. He offered a place for me to stay for a few nights in his hood Vosloorus. Which was such a cool town in the south of Jozi. Really met the nicest people there and they were all so friendly. Despite it being the spot where the 2021 riots started and hearing gun shots at night. Felt incredibly safe hanging around there with my new mate (True). 

During the hole trip people would always rave about how warm & friendly there home town is. Then accuse another one of being where the bad stuff happens. Whether it be Durban, Jozi, Wild Coast, Newcastle or even  hitching on the streets. This would only tempt my mind to bring up fear about the upcoming part of the journey. Yet arriving at each new spot I’d find equally amazing people and have just as great experience. Never let fear get in the way of your adventure!

What Now?

After hitting roadblocks on the adventure. Being the restrictions and finances. Returned to Cape Town to sell some Hammbags for the season. Despite my minimal efforts unfortunately failed to sell what was predicted. However had a great Summer in Cape Town with some legends met on our travels!

End of that chapter …

Even worse the ones that were sold were to US and ended up paying more for shipping then what actually sold them for. Plus a couple Hammbags were taken from me in Cape Town. Then lost my phone which had access to my digital accounts there by loosing contact with friends & family. Had a lonely few days camping in the mountains and hanging on the beach. Until bumped into a couple friends to help  

Last photo phone uploaded…

Xmas day incident in Cape Town
This was ~5pm already had little memory of the days shenanigan's... lost everything at ~3am 

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