Stacking rocks may sound pointless and boring. However you can get a lot more out of it then you may first think. It’s also a fun game you can do anywhere!

Balancing rocks

A really simple game/thing to do anywhere. Basically stacking rocks and keeping them in balance. It’s more difficult then you think especially if you push yourself with your stack. Grabbing a crazy looking rock and trying to make it balance or just stacking as high as you can.  

In the flow 

Once you start doing it for even 30 seconds you’ll notice your focus honing in on your task. It’s like when an athlete plays their sport or an artist paints. Although you can and probably have achieved it before. This is a way to easily get into it and clear your mind & just focus.

rock stacking rocks

Meditate on it

When you’re so focused on feeling the balance it’s similar to breath focus when you meditate. In fact while you’re balancing you’ll find yourself focusing more on breath and almost try and sync your self with the rocks (sounds dumb). This is also a lot more fun (for most people) then meditating, so if you got a fuzzy mind go stack some rocks. 

More then balance

From simple acts in life you can learn a lot, or relate it to other aspects you’re going through i.e. often things like hiking up a mountain is compared to a personal growth journey. Same with this simple act, you can learn a lot by building something so fragile 

Achieve something … cool

Just like making your bed in thmorning you you get a sense of achievement afterwards. It may not be much but it’s enough to give you a little bit of motivation afterwards.

Some Tips

  • Just start, don’t think about it. Give yourself 3 minutes of a day to play with some rocks… Then see how long you stay there for.
  • Don’t balance one rock. When adding a rock you need to balance the hole stack. One of balance rock can make the hole thing explode. When placing a rock think about that rock alone and assimilating it to the tower not trying to balance it on top of the tower.
  • When you feel the tower falling, try and save it even if you have to take the last 2 or 3 rocks off quickly. Then try adding them again in a new way. If you stop it from falling it’s also less painful then starting from beginning.

A well stacked rock stack can be a lot more stable then it seems and extremely satisfying to construct. I recomend you give it a try, at least once. 

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