The Hammbag pro can easily switch between;
backpack, sling bag, hammock or even a towel.
It’s a great Poncho or picnic mat, it even has a bottle opener, wine glass holder and has pillow pockets. Yes this exists, and yes.

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“Now now” is South African for soon It’ll aproximataly be 2 months unless you want to pay hectic postage fees. 

Fold into Bag / Backpack

Fold it into a bag easily from towel or hammock mode. 

Can watch a video here!

Carabiners should be clipped 

Bag Straps 

Clip together and can be used individually. With a large pocket for your items and the other side towel covered

The underside of the strap is cotton towel. Which is comfortable and useful

Tip: Perfect to hang stuff of the hammock.

Setup as Hammock

Have all Carabiners and straps unclipped and ready to go.

If there’s something to clip or hook onto use the carabiner

Hold 12Kn (~1000kg)

You get 3 carabiners with the Hammbag pro, third one is great for clipping on stuff

Use the strap for trees or anything solid, with a girth of <1m

Hold 100kg 

You can also use the strap as a belt or bottle opener!

Only a single tree strap OR carabiner needs to be used at each end

Tip: Use the Strap as a Bottle Opener

*Wine glass; Yes literally a wine glass. Most wine glasses fit in the beer pocket and end up being quiet stable. Lab tested.


Pillow Pockets

2 Larger pockets at either end of towel allow for awesome storage or use clothes to turn into a comfy cushion in hammock mode or even as a picnic matt

Bag Sections

There are 5 main sections each large enough for a 15″ laptop and charger, at the same time! End and middle sections have the most space great for large objects.
Other 2 with the rope end of the hammock have the pillow pockets: perfect for storing looser items.

Flap Pockets

The mighty flap contains a large 40cm zipper pocket. Plus a long slim  pocket designed for a beer… I mean any bottle. As well as button a large button pocket. 

Tip: The flap is great to conveniently access no matter what position or mode your bag is in!

Bag Styles


Great for longer adventures. equipped with a giant pocket great for holding quick items like phone, wallet, keys, earphones…


Use bot bag straps connected and attached to the carabiners whilst the bottom uses 1 or 2 straps to join the bag. Attaching to the Hammbag pro were the ropes loop to the bag.

Items Required



More: Cross Backpack & Hanging Backpack are 2 other styles you can make in backpack modes involving connecting the straps differently at the bottom. 

Single Strap Bag (2 straps)

A low hanging bag (straps can be shortened). Keep it low for easy movability and quick access. 


Use both hammock straps connected to each end of 1 bag strap. Then clip it to the carabiners.

Items Required

X2 (optional)


Instead of using carabiners through the Hammbag loops, thread the tree strap directly through the 4 loops on each side and then to the bag strap.

Single Strap Bag (1 straps)

Sling style bag using 1 strap and bag strap Feels like a backpack acks like a single strap. Personal fav


One hammock strap through the top end of the bag strap (non pocket end is better). Clip to bags carabiners Adjust strap to desired length.  

Items Required



Single Strap Bag (no straps)

Real short single strap bag (Approximately 42cm). 


Clip the bag strap to each carabiner.

Items Required 


If you want the awesomeness that is the Hammbag pro you can have it with FREE SHIPPING!
… only if you’re in SOUTH AFRICA

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