2020 Corona was a serious hiccup in everyone’s life’s. It’s pretty clear to state that no one really expected what was going to happen. This limited a lot of people’s travels and stopped adventures all together. Here’s what we learnt during this pandemic and how to never loose adventures again.

My (Dyls) Covid Story

I arrived in Cape Town South Africa in March for my sister’s wedding. Was only meant to be there for 4 weeks then back to Australia to begin a full year of hectic adventures. Then everything changed. Today, 8 months later, I am still in Capetown, unable to go back to Australia or to visit other beautiful destinations that this world has to offer. Although Cape Town has treated me exceptionally well (If you ignore the fact that South Africa has one of the hardest lockdown worldwide and they did suspend the sale of alcohol for months) I have learned a tremendous lesson. Life is unexpected and you should never wait for the time to be right to go out and have an adventure!

Everything is Unexpected 

“Best-laid plans of mice & men, often go astray”

This year showed just how fragile our own personal plans can be. Being a traveler by heart, the possibility of a worldwide lockdown has never even crossed my mind. The world has been a huge playground for me waiting to be discovered and I know that a lot of you felt the same way. But not only the way we travelled changed in 2020 but also the way we live. Being condemned to the apartment, without any reliable information on how the course of this global pandemic will turn out, not knowing when one will be able to see his friends again, to go back to work or to just have a beer with strangers in a pub.

It made me realize how fragile the plans that we make actually are and how precious our time on this world is. I remembered all the things that have seemed normal to me before 2020 and stumbled over the fact that this “normal” might not come back for some time if ever. And I was left with the question: What now?

Something New

As for now you have to take what is given. Dwelling in old plans and old realities will not help you navigating through this new reality, it will only distract, upset and burn you out. You wanted to go for a sick surf to Bali or climb the machu pichu? Amazing! But for now let it go and accept all that is.

Today you have the opportunity to grow and to go new ways, establishing resilience and a good portion of optimism. Take this chance! How you ask? Just look around. What is it what you have right now right here, and how can you make a great adventure of it? Have you ever had a pillow fought in your room? Did you ever spent a night in that creepy forest next to your town? Or have you ever just set up a hammock in your garden, while listening to your favourite beats and sipping on a ice-cold beer? 

It’s important to look at all aspects of life as a 2 year old. Where the world is pure awe and wonder. People get sick of their home town and complain how boring it is. Then travel to a similar place that just happens to be halfway across the globe and find wonder in an ally way or a pub. Even though back home there is still endless discoveries to make.

Learn to appreciate the little things, the big things will naturally follow

Prepared for Anything

Although my approach to adventure has also been more international, I fortunately came prepared for anything. In another blog post I have already discussed the topic of going with the flow and how adventurous the unexpected can be. I think it was this mindset that helped me navigating through one of the hardest lockdowns, far away from home. Having an open mind will allow you to see any obstacle as it is and then continue… And of course my hammbag 

Introducing Hammbag 2

The ultimate piece of engineering for any adventurer! Being able to transform between a bag, hammock & towel, gives you the ability to have something useful on the move (bag), while you rest (hammock) or do an activity (picnic mat, towel, blanket). We designed it to be useful in any situation. it’s true versatility and features can help you no matter where you go or what happens. It’s keeps surprising me how useful it is even till today.

We’ve just released a crowd funding for it if you’d like your own personal ultimate companion!

Last Piece of Advice 

 When travelling or even through life you encounter some challenging situations. There are highs and lows in everything you’ll ever do. You may never be able to change a situation however you can change your attitude towards it. Whatever your mind believes creates your reality.


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