Pillow Fort (noun) – A construction with the available materials in a room. Pillows may not always be the main construction, although are quiet commonly found within for comfort (They’re also used as swords and shields during  pillow wars). Awesome for having a home adventure!

*Just a reminder for you grown ups out there
**Fun Fact: If you construct a pillow for outside away from home it’s just called camping 

Pillow Fort Basics

Made for comfortable movies, creative activities & fun adventures!
There are only 5 things you need to remember to make your 5 star fort; Name, Construction, Protection, Function, Addition.
Depending how well each one is accomplished it will go from Basic to Advanced for.  

1. Name

Easy. Cool creative names win. Try to think of elements used for building or its purpose.

2. Construction

Only items in the room for the construction. One Trip may be taken (Per person) to get some extra supplies. Great items to use; pegs, rubber bans, blankets, pillows, lights+stand   …and hammbag(straps,rope,carabiners)  

3. Protection 

The fort must be protected to stop infiltrators. A gate/secure entrance is also required to allow access for allies.

4. Function

Pillow forts have a reason for being, whether it be a movie night, fun day activity, creative space to make stuff or a cool chill out area. It should have necessary additions to fill its purpose in life i.e. colouring box, power cables, drinks area…

5. Additions

Here you should start thinking outside the fort. How can yours be unique? Lighting, power, screens, games, creative activities, food access.

Final Note

Depending how well each one of the parts are done your fort will range anywhere from beginner to advanced. You’re can tell where it is on the scale because it’s your fort! Warning, don’t be to arrogant or you may see some sabotage or invaders in the near future. 

Also one of my favourite charities; Camp Quality. Is doing a ‘Camp In’ this weekend. So I’ll be building a fort live this weekend!

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