Computer Storage VS Human Storage

Computers have 2 real types of memory; actual storage and what’s currently being used. The data storage is in form of hard drives, what’s currently being used is stored in RAM, ROM & cache (To put it simply).

Comparing humans to a computer, our items and belongings could been seen as data to be stored. Then our pockets would be like the cache, our bags like RAM and our rooms/houses like hard drives. However for this we’re going to look at your bag as both storage and quick memory.

Computer storage stores data
Human Storage how people store items

 All Good Bags

Bags can come in all shapes, types and uses. There are so many awesome bags out there that fit their purpose perfectly and just work. Then the same bag can be miss used and criticized i.e. Plastic bags were invented to save the planet. Cool designs and even unique features make a basic bag awesome, though practically here are some things to look out for:

  • Storage – Capacity enough for whatever items you need for your adventures 
    • Quick – Access where you can store phone, wallet & what not
    • Secure – Spot to secure more essential items
    • Large – Enough space for your biggest item (Jumper?) 
    • Additional – Specific needs or bonuses i.e Laptop sleeve, gear loops, handles, straps, pockets
  • Carry – Is the carrying feel good i.e. If it’s a briefcase is the handle nice or a backpack does it sit on your shoulders and back comfortably

That’s it. Really a bag doesn’t need to be heaps complex or to have a heap of features to be awesome. it can just be a simple efficient bag…

Better Bag? Better Bandwidth & Clock Speed

Improving your bag is easy, you just need to improve 1 of 3 things.

Bandwidth – Add more storage or increase capacity
Clock Speed – Easier Accessibility or useful pockets
Carry – Comfier or additional    

Heaps of modern bags now try to make them more awesome by adding gimmicky additions and features. Although this has the same effect of gluing a camera to a phone and calling it a camera-phone. It may increase it’s feature list, although in the same way that putting binoculars in the bag gives telescopic abilities.  

Creating a real masterpiece doesn’t mean to have fancy additions, rather a bag  is revolutionary if it delivers innovation through its design. 

Introducing the Hammbag Mini

We’ve made this bag to be just extremely efficient and useful for adventurists.

A. Main Storage – Where you can put large items i.e. jumper, book…
B. Quick Storage – Large zipper pocket on the outside
B. Essential Storage – Large zipper pocket on the inside
C. Additional Storage – 2 Large pockets. Perfect for 1.5L water & microfiber towel
D. Strap – Large padded strap and the padding is a hammock. It can also be worn 2 different ways

Designing this bag has been so interesting because I stripped away what a bag really is and what it’s needed for. This bag has surprised me in how awesome something so simple can be.


Hammbag mini like computer storage
Hammbag mini drawing
Hammbag mini blue tye die
Hammbag mini storage
Hammbag 2 how it stores

Both the Mini & the Hammbag have all the essentials storage needs:

  • Quick access pockets for essentials; phone, wallet, pens, notepad.
  • Secure storage for water bottles or electronic devices. 
  • Large section for bigger belongings
  • Design of the bag to be as optimal as possible for it’s purpose

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