On our epic quests or trips to the pub or through life shenanigan’s we’ve got to meet some amazing people. A lot of them being talented musicians who deserve way more appreciation then they get

… like most musicians.

Thank You Friends!

Personally I’m always put in complete awe every time I hear my friends play. Partly because the raw talent they’re demonstrating and partly because I know what they do when they’re not playing. So thankful for their time and effort they have put in to helping us and even considering using their musical talent to create something! Even more so for believing in our own idea

guitar man playing in yellow hammock
Jonathan jamming in a Hammbag Pro

Our Auditory Adventure

Adventure is amazing where ever you are and whatever you’re doing, life is an adventure! It’s always accompanied by the musical sounds of the world living. Being able to capture that or create that yourself and actually make music is always awesome and if anyone can do it they should.

On 20th of April 2020 we released our first Hammbag album on Spotify and all your streaming platforms. It had the Hammbag theme song and a few other Hammbag related songs by friends. We will continue to embark on this quest and release an album every year on the date! … new album coming soon 🙂

A Few of the Musical Hammbaglers 

Here’s some of our friends with a link to their work with a quick note 🙂

Jonathan Collins | @_CollinsJonathan

A van lifer, DIY, looper legend! Met him at Coopers Pub in Sydney whilst Dyl & Damo were working on Hammbag site. He asked us what we were doing, Dyl explained. Then not even 1 minute later just lays down our Hammbag Theme song. I kid you not! Just like that! He is musically gifted in just coming up with cool jams!  

Lockilay | @Lockilay_

UK busker all he needs is his guitar! Dyl crossed paths with him in Frankfurt on his skate trip across Europe. In fact from that point forward all the Skate blogs were with his tunes and are still using them in current videos.
When he plays a guitar they become one and the sounds that come out of it are mind baffling!


An awesome Aussie, only his adventures are crazier than his music! Dyl met him in the beginning of 2020 in South Africa. You cannot be around Max without the crowd being filled with laughter. He’s a legend who just likes having a good time and sharing it with everyone. Just happens to be extremely talented musician too!


Literally a music goddess! Met her during university with her crazy character and hysterical antiques you would not believe what she is musically capable of. Her voice can’t but help leave you breathless anytime! 

Bernie Lagana

A musical guru! Tom met him in his childhood going to music camps and then Dyl met him separately at university going to his pool. Bernie is a joyful and very friendly human who knows his music inside out. He is now professionally working and teaching all over Australia. He’s helped us with developing a few of our unique songs.

Tom & Isaac Smith | Isaacs Myth

The inventor and brother himself! Yes Tom is a talented musician who studied Music at the Sydney Conservatorium and Music Therapy at Western Sydney Uni. Now his prodigal brother Isaac works at a local conservatorium helping our next generation of musicians discover and develop their talents. Ludicrously into music, it occupies both their lives, finding musical creativity in anything and anywhere.

Note Buskers: There have been some amazingly talented buskers I’ll capture as I go by. Unfortunately I can’t list and give them all the credit. Though be sure that if I ever capture audio I’ll give them something for there work. Even on the odd occasion trading Hammbags for albums so I can use is for videos. 

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