Recovery Time

Having some recovery time in a small town called Cloppenberg. An awesome little German town filled with festivals and amazing people!
Then back to Munster for a night because it is a great city with crazy nightlife!

Coming into Netherlands

My leg is still not 100%. I am saying leg now because my Achilles has stretched or pulled and now almost in unison with my knee it’s very difficult to push with either leg. 
Although I’m almost there! so it’s happening!

Interestingly architecture and people changed almost instantly after entering Netherlands!
And you would not believe the boarder security! 

Utrecht! need I say more

My leg failed me again. and I had to Hitchhike 25km to Utrecht 🙁 
Utrecht though is an awesome city! Have you been? Go! go now! It’s Amsterdams cool younger cousin. 

Almost there! 50km to go. Soon.

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