There are many products in this world that have multiple uses and some items with many uses are a lot better then ones that are dedicated for it. So here’s my 3 cents on some great products.

These have been selected because they’re either multi-functional or really awesome. These are basic essential that are usually with me all the time that


Obviously you’re wearing something (Or maybe not ;p ). Here’s what I’d usually always have on me or with me and the reason why I think they’re efficient. Most people would say there outfits are the best and for them it is.  

  • Board Shorts – Everyone needs something covering their lower half or parts atleast. So why not something you don’t need to take off to go for swims! You’re ready 100% of the time (+No undies required!)
  • Head Sock – This is a great multi use item that can go from keeping you warm to getting sweat out your eyes. I wrote 24 ways to use it and some tips if you want to check it out! 
  • Good Shoes | Reef Cusions/Fanning – Having something on your feet is a must. Reef do my favourite footwear in both Thongs & Shoes;
    • Cushion Matey Shoe – Shoes that are not only the most comfortable things you’ve put on your feet but they don’t need socks and the back flaps down to make it a slide in!
    • Fanning Thongs – Flip flops with a bottle opener in, solid base, Bust-a-plugger proof, extremely comfortable!
  • Jumper Sack *Seasonal – 


If you’re going on an adventure whether it be day at the beach or a weekend hike trip you don’t need as much as you think. Certain events like camping you’re going to need certain items this is just the bare essential list… I think  

  • Water Bottle – An essential. Just always have water. I use just plain old plastic bottle from the shops. Because in reality every bottle is a re-usable water bottle. Although if I had to choose, Modl is the clear winner. Seriously, it’s even a shower, cushion with filter.
  • Bag/Backpack – A necessity on all trips. Clearly you know what I’dd choose. This proves why the hammbag is so awesome because you can just bring your bag and automatically have like 10 other things.
  • Smart Phone +battery – Everyone has one and will probably always be on them. Just want to stress how awesome it is with a computer in your pocket. Contacting, Camera, Wallet, Computer, Music Box..  It’s truely the most versatile product.
  • Speaker / Deck of Cards *Extras– Some great extras for any situation. 


Most adventures you don’t need anytihng else. Although here’s what is next on me or already in my bag.

  • Booklet +Pen- In general should just always have this on you. Ideas expand so much once you write them down. Also I’ve been the savoir with a pen quite a few time. And haven’t you ever wanted to write something down to give to someone 😉  
  • GoPro / Pocket knife – Depending on the trip one of these will be essential. If you’re not into capturing moments then an extremely useful tool will be right for you.
  • Sunglasses As a lifeguard, these are just always useful. Probably the least efficient item here so feel free to sub this one out.

Food / Snacks

Food to have in your bag requires to be long lasting and can take a beating. So you don’t need to worry about it bursting in your bag. You may have some better suggestions? I’d love to hear them below although here’s my favourite combo.

  • Biltong – Dried South African meat. It is so much better then American jerky it makes me sad to even make the comparison. Although they are textually pretty similar. This is long lasting, delicious and a perfect sauce of protein. 
  • Nuts – Same reason as biltong but for the vegetarians. Although I do prefer nuts sometimes because of the high energy you only need a handful to get full. In fact when I skated across Europe, beer & nuts is what literally kept me alive.  
  • Canned *Anything – A must on ay long adventure. You can make some awesome meals with just cans and a fire.
  • Fruits *On the Go – Seriously these are natures perfect snacks! Down flaw is they don’t pack well. If you have a bag that can keep them separated from everything else 😉 recommend these!
    Muesli Bar – Banana, Apple | Chips – Orange, Mandarin, Grapes | Mini Snack – Dates, Kiwi Fruit | Gourmet Additions – Avocado, Leeches 


Some lotions and sauces highly recommended to add to any trip.

  • Bee’s Wax +Lemon Grass – Truly an ultimate balm. Can be used for so many things; rashes, burns, anti fungal & bacterial, anti-inflammatory (stop itch), mosquito repellent and helps with chafe  
  • Alo – If Bees Wax is the ultimate preventative this is the ultimate restorative. Being able to heal anything and just make your skin feel awesome. You can also get sunscreen version of alo.
  • Chilli – Make any meal 10x more awesome? Yes please. Put a bottle of 60ml Tabasco in your to spice up any meal! Even on planes! (Cause it’s under 100ml)



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