Flat out to the Finish!

From Utrecht I had about 50km to skate to Amsterdam. Considering what I’ve just done it didn’t seem to bad, however my ankle still was recovering from tendinitis and my knee still had not gotten better! 
Luckily I had 2 things on my side.Still had another day left and Netherlands if flat! like Flat flat! it was insane, each push as weak as it was would carry me atleast 20m.


Done! I made it! Holy crap! 
That was a crazy adventure! If you’ve ever thought about a trip like this. I highly recommend. Overall I hitch hiked twice for 25km each. the trip was 1120km so I skate 1070km in 30 days! (including recovery stops for injuries)
Now for me, it’s 2 months of adventure in Europe!
See ya around!

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