Morning Skate Smashed

So earlier this morning I skated from Leichhardt to Coogee Beach. It’s approximately 13km and took just under 50 minutes. All in all I reckon I smashed it.
Even though it was a mere 1% of the skate to come I felt pretty confident. Judge by that time, if I can keep and average of that it should take me ~85 hours to complete the 1000km skate.

Obviously this was a tiny skate being only a third of what I’ll be doing each day however it’s a good start.

An awesome photo taken at Coogee when I got there at 615am. Well to be fair the photo was taken closer to 7 but it was early!

What I learnt?

This mini skate early in the morning has prepared me for a few things already!

  • A light – I need a light! it’s dark early and hitting cracks and sticks isn’t fun! So I need a head torch.
  • It gets cold – When you stop skating the cold creeps up fast despite how warm you feel on the ride. So a good lightweight puffer jacket would be ideal. Cold also comes in through your shoes making you feel cold to the bone. So having a good pair would significantly help keep up the body temperature. 
  • Hammbag. – The hammbag is the greatest bag! literally used it as a bag, blanket, towel & hammock all before 9am. It is definitely coming with me!

So this was all pretty small feedback however I still felt awesome on this skate and it’s just pumped me up even more. In a couple weeks going to increase this to a 3 day skate and see how far I get.


Surprisingly I did this easier then I thought. From this I’ve only got one real concern or thoughts about whats to come;
Before I started the skate I was just standing there almost like I was waiting for someone to say “And go!”. it felt weird starting until eventually I just went “Lets Go!” and went on. Starting this much big odyssey I feel will have a way more intense feeling like that. So I need to work out how I’m going to start. Maybe I’ll do a live video or feed, smash a stein then roll!



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