Get Ready ASAP

First things first, make a Pre-Campaign page. All this is is a page with a photo or two about your product idea with an email sign up. Kickstarter & BackerKit have built in functions for this so that’s great! Although would recommend setting up your own site to get more accurate analytics.
Also setup analytics and Facebook pixel, definitely do a bit of research into this because it’s a bit tricky!
Bonus Tip: When you look at the data actually try to use it to your advantage and capitalize on the information.

Have a final sample! we always get a sample then I modify it a day later. I don’t think this works to well because it’s hard for the viewers to keep up with the consistency. Having a non final prototype also leaves it in the aur for what it could be. Rather then thinking of how cooler it

Have a Plan … a Marketing Plan

After our first Kickstarter we declared on Shark Tank we didn’t know anything about marketing. We didn’t literally no clue. This time, thought we had the cat in the bag (obvs not). Although what we were saw the first time was the mere top of the ice berg. It’s not merely about content, engaging the community, active online presence and ads. Well actually ads play a large part but still rely on the rest for effectiveness.
I learnt Kickstarter campaigns often have a 15-20k budget on add spend. Then they use the analytics to manage and change the ads every few days. This one part of the campaign is a fulltime job in itself and is extremely difficult, so have a friend or someone that knows a bit to help you out… or have a budget.

Know You Why

Your Crowdfunding Why: Why are you on Kickstarter, is it to just create a product, to make money or just to get awareness. Think clearly about what you want to get out of it and adjust your goal and campaign accordingly.
Our personal one is just to bring an awesome product to life!
So do whatever you need to do to make your Kickstarter work for your outcome.

Your Personal Why: More macro you need to know why you wat to do it. If you don’t have this motivation can be lost quickly. A really good book or TED talk to listen to is Simons Sinek – Start With Why. It really helps you look at anything you’re doing.

You’re Ready… Do It!

At the beginning of 2020 we started this Kickstarter and we had some delays, due to fires in Australia and thought that was it (ha ha). Towards the end of the year with only a couple months left, thought we just had to do it. Despite people telling being told to wait.
Even though we could of spent that time putting more work into it and planning the campaign we didn’t know exactly what. Although now in hindsight we have such a wealth of knowledge that if we could go back we’d have a very different campaign.

However we wouldn’t of known any of that without starting. Just kept planning for different outcomes. The best teacher is experience. I’m not sure how different our campaign would’ve went if we waited. I’m not sure if the further time would’ve had much of an impact. Though I can garentee if we didn’t we wouldn’t not have gained so much.

Also once you have a campaign page (even a preview) send it to as many people as you can so you get feedback as possible. When you have a actual page people take you more seriously and start to offer advice and give resources. Which there are some amazing ones!

Great Resources

Before the campaign you must definitely search resources such as these;

Kickbooster – Basically letting the crowd help you promote. People can get a certain percentage of whatever they sell. Like affiliated links.

BackerKit – Essential. It’s a more flexible system to use ontop of Kickstarter. If you want to do surveys, make a pre-launch page, email or create add-ons it’s amazing.

BackClub – A group of crazy backers that have backed 50+ projects. So they’re keen. Selling on a crowdfunding platform is more difficult then a normal e-store because besides convincing people on the product they have to be convinced on the platform.

During the campaign we got invited into a lot of different groups. Here is one we found particularly valuable! Really wish we were apart of it before locking in our launch.
Crowdfunded Community is an amazing Facebook page that is created by Launch Boom. It’s a group of people extremely passionate about crowdfunded projects with a wealth of knowledge that is amazing.
They also have a great guide with step by step instructions to create a successful campaign. They even wrote the book on it!

Some additional Blogs: For further reading of some other experiences and to help our SEO here are some other great blogs that I wished I read before hand.
One by Thinkers Notebook, 6 things Sean wish he new before his campaign. There’s also a nice short honest read with the top 10 tips.
Don’t read for to long though, start doing work!

Some Things We Gained

  • Global Love – We learnt people from everywhere and all countries were keen for the idea. Some super excited to have one which is ridiculously motivating.
  • Respected Design – People that I’ve met that are incredibly smart or personally value their opinion genuinely were impressed by the design.
  • Brand Image – People really cared about us and how we were appearing to everyone(Even more so then I was). they were giving us amazing tips and ways to modify our look and simplify.
  • New Material, Design & Supplier – Because Dylan was advertising the Hammbag for the campaign in Cape Town he ran into a local supplier which just happened to be Pierre, a PHD fabric guru… and we met in a 420 cafe, so naturally the hammocked evolved once more.
  • New Contacts – Talking to fellow crowdfunders was amazing to hear there story and the journey as well as getting their feedback on yours.
  • Understanding the Funnel – A common term talked about is the buyers funnel (Trying to convince a stranger to buy a product). You can read as much as you like. When you actually implement it you can truly start to grasp it. So that’s the only way to learn it.

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