How it started

In school me and a couple of my closest friends would plan adventures together. From van life, living in non-urban environments and of course epic skate odysseys!
So this year I thought it was time to embark on one of these odysseys. No time like the present! So hustled the boys together and they were keen! 


For about a week. Then they bailed because of money issues & not enough time. However I feel they may have more of both then me.

Then like that I lost motivation for a trip and struggled to convince myself to go. Like an assessment with no due date you just keep putting it of. 
Then on my dad (Even though you’d think the parents would be against this idea). Said why not do it for charity! 

and Boom! Just like that this idea came to life. I new the 2 charities that helped me the most growing up and thought this would be a great way to give back to them. 
I got in contact with them and they both loved the idea which gave me a significant motivation boost and made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

So we modified the trip to make it more epic! almost doubling it. Then lined up with the treatment I had (BFM95).
Overall I’m extremely excited to be doing it for Camp Quality & Starlight because they’ve been so amazing to me. 

And now I don’t have to here my friends complaining during the hole skate 😉

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