There are a lot of unique things in this world like you… awe nah, I mean like; hand made items or uniquely designed products. If you personalised it and again if you make it yourself. Even if you buy something you can custom it or your own wear and tear gives it character 

Hammbag Distinctiveness 

From the very first Hammbag to the newest Hammbag pro there has never been more then 40 of each design. In addition because we are constantly developing the exact Hammbag will never be made again. At least any Hammbag would be 1/40. Even more recently because of lack of traction we’ve been doing even smaller batches so the recent designs are as special as 1/15. 


Each one of the Hammbags above are at most 1 of 20 and exact design will never be replicated. This is because we may not have access to the exact pattern material again. They’re all handmade in Bali by a very homely run factory with a family vibe. Not that it makes it anymore special, just letting you know there’s a lot of love that goes into making the bags.


Some designs are tye died and obviously a garment of that nature is individual by definition. Bringing in another layer of complexity on an already very rare item. The team in Bali are extremely proud of there work and love their jobs. Can’t wait to visit them again!


What’s So Special About The Pro?

There’s only 80 in total of the 2021 Hammbag pros. 10 of which have been distributed to shops and influencers. There are only 25 of blue and orange design and 15 of the Castle and Chasing Africa designs.
These were made with Posse Clothing where they introduced us to a process of bonding two materials together. One of those materials was a new one they introduced to us called; “Supertex”. Which is as awesome as the name suggests! It’s both water proof and comfy. It really is amazing material.

Although this material may change! as awesome as the Supertex is we’re always seeking to update the design. Hammbag pro  has changed materials several through the developing stages. 

The Vision

Did you also know the Hammbag is also a worlds first product, like it’s a new invention. It may not seem like it but they’ll populate the world. We mean seriously tell me what’s a more versatile tool apart from a knife and a phone.

You may see flaws or reasons not to buy a Hammbag. That’s fair, it’s not for everyone. We love our Hammbags from the first time we hanged a hammock in Byron. We can’t imagine life without it anymore so we believe in it. We’re constantly working and developing our ideas it as we go and have so more new ideas & designs to come. 

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