You don’t need much to open a bottle. You can literally use anything; lighter, brick, phone, stick, spoon, coin, teeth, another bottle opened or closed and I’ve even used just the top of a cigarette packet! (by folding it several times)  

All it is…

you just need a tiny gap in the beer lid for it to fly off!
This can be done in any way you want. Because it’s something small you need to grip the lid; a Leaver or Ledge.

How to open a beer bottle basics

Lever Method

  1. Grab bottle just under lid
  2. Wedge leaver between bottle lid & thumb or finger
    Good leavers: Lighter, Spoon, Stick, really anything that won’t break or chip
  3. Squeeze the finger (or thumb) with the lever on upwards, at the same time using the other hand to push the lever down

Done. It’s that easy. It shouldn’t be a struggle. Both hands should be pushing a little force in opposite directions (up & down). It’s kind of like a seesaw.

How to open a beer bottle with your hand
How to open a beer bottle with your hand

Hitting Method

Easier to do. However the consequence is breaking the bottle.

  1. Hook lid onto a solid ledge (that won’t break or chip)
  2. Hold the beer bottle as straight as you can against the wall
  3. Hit the higher part of the lid straight down. Similar force you’d be comfortable with slapping your own leg.

Done! This method requires little more force in one direction rather then a little in both. But it looks cool.

How to open a beer bottle with a ledge

Teeth Method

Don’t do this. I’ve seen people crack their teeth in half. However if you do doit it, do it properly. Remember all you need to do is bend the lid a little! 

  1. Put your bottom molars on the lip of the lid & your top molars in the top center
  2. Bite down, straight. DON’T TWIST!

Done. It is that easy. I’ve found some beer bottle lids are harder or tighter then others. So if you’re biting to hard. Stop. Find anything else.

Open beer bottle with teeth mouth
Open beer bottle with teeth

Make the Top Fly!

To make the lid fly of is easy. All you do is open a smaller part of the lid. This makes the pressure of the beer bottle lid shoot through a smaller gap and make it fly.

Instead of using your lighter flat, turn it on it’s side. That creates a thinner tool. You can use anything thin like a nail. That’s it, should just fly off with a bit of practice. 

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