How to make a Hammbag out of a pair of pants. Really you could make it out of anything we found that this way works the best. Plus you get pretty funky with.

Here’s Our Secret!
 – How & Why –

It baffles us how so many people do not see the importance of a hammock in there life. Or maybe some people just already have a hammock and are in love with their first hammock and don’t want to upgrade.

In any case here’s how to bag your hammock with your pants! And the secrets of the Hammbag.

Common sense with a needle and thread or sewing machine.
Even just fabric glue!


Step 1

Cut the legs of the jeans of and sew or glue the leg holed closed. This is your bag chasis.

The leg part of it will be the strap. We’ve found that commonly you can even just use half of a leg. To make the strap slightly narrower.

you do need to use both legs or both halves for the strap because it’ll need to be >120cm,


Then attach either side of the single leg to the new bag chassis and you’re done!

Well almost You can add press studs or velcro to close the end of the hammock pocket

It’s all really up to you! there’s no right or wrong your bag will be perfect we an guarantee it! You may not think it but it’s a fact! 

More Ideas…

Button Closed: The main button on the fly could be used to close the bag 

Pockets; The pockets on the jeans make for great pockets on a bag so try not to cut them.

Bag Shape; You can play around with the shape of your bag.
Idea; try making a V shaped bottom so coins settle in one place

Make it Yours; Love adding patches and things to my bag to make it really stand out. Even clipping items onto the belt loops like key rings

Dye & Tear: Don’t be afraid to get some paint in there or scratch up “em jeans for a real unique vibe


Please tag us in your creation! Dyl would love to see you work and bet he has some ideas for you!

PS. Dyl has a theory how to make a Hammbag with Jeans, fabric glue and 2 zip ties. If you are interested to try it let us knw and will update!

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