If we hear “Don’t you need two trees to hang a hammock” one more time… Hammocks is just a comfy spot between 2 secure points. Last time we checked a tree has more then 1 secure point and they can also be found in more places then just trees.

1. Pick Your Variables (Spot)

Simply, Visualize your spot

  • Location – The world is hammockable! So choose anywhere you’d like. There’s a high chance you’ll be able to hammock there. Get specific, and greedy! sometimes even though unnecessary I’ll spend upwards of 30 minutes just looking for the perfect location. Even though that time could be spent hammocking, it’s part of the adventure.
  • Specifics – Think about exactly what you want. Do you want to be in the sun? high up? in a group? think about exactly how you wish to spend your time hammocking and bring it to life. The choice is yours!

2. The Spot

Now you got a spot, now to setup them hammocks!

Some key facts about a spot that you must remember

  • If a spot has a tree or rocks that are greater then waist height you’ll probably be able to setup a hammock 
  • Most spots you find you’d be able to setup multiple hammocks (despite whatever your first thoughts are)
  • Hammocks are best at a 30 degree angle although you can set them up however you like, even to use it as a chair.
hammock angle tip
Girl sitting in a hammock chair setup


  • Hammocks are extremely versatile in there setup and can be hung with a huge range of different setups. The 2 secure points are loosely restricted to the following (This is without additional rope);
    • 2 – 3.5 meters apart
    • range with 1 meter of height difference
    • be ~1m of the ground

Combine those variables with the 3D space of a single tree and you’ll find a spot. To help here’s how I visualize it.

Hammock setup between 2 secure points

That may be a little difficult for some to perfectly visualize, So here’s an easier way 

Visualize the Hammock Tube

imagine a 2m tube about 1m in diameter with a little bend in it.
Now just move the tube around until either side is touching a secure point, 

3. The Setup

Now you got your spot now it’s time to set up a hammock!
With all equipment it should be very straight forward to setup a hammock. Luckily the Hammbag & Mini have everything!

With Hammock Straps & Carabiners (all equipment) 

Simple, if you got something to clip the carabiners to, use them. If it’s a branch wrap a tree strap around the tree and through the hammock loops or clip the carabiner to it.

Slip Loop held with key
Just Ropes

Here is a really simple knot you can do if you have just rope. Having carabiners makes it a little easier. Basically a slip knot where the carabiner holds it from slipping through as well as clips onto the rope.
Although if you don’t have carabiners you can use a stick to stop it from slipping 

No Ropes

If you’ve got a normal Nylon hammock with carabiners you can often just clip it to itself. The nylon is strong enough and you only need 2m of hammock. Most hammocks are 3m long so that gives you 50cm of hammock to use each side.

hammock Clipped To Self
Shoe Grip to hold hammock from slipping
Slippery Smooth Surface

To stop ropes from sliding down. Either use a shoe or flip flop. Or create a self tightening loop.

Self TIghtening Loop
hammock hanging tip extra grip

Final Hammock Hang Tip

Hammock spots are all over the place, often right in front of your eyes. It is extremely rare when I find a place that is impossible to put up a hammock. It’s just practice at setting up and seeing what works and doesn’t. I constantly try new ways of doing things or different ways to hang the hammock and quiet often I’m happily surprise. So go out their and adventure!

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