Different hangs for your hammock

A lot of people insist you need 2 tree’s to hang a hammock. As useful as the tree’s are there are a multitude of ways to hang your hammock without two trees.

Although a lot lot of hammocks require atleast 3-5 meters. The hammbag has the unique ability from fitting in spaces comfortably as small as 1.8m! (So quiet a bit easier to find a place to hang)

Some of these have an example (i.e) these can be found on your HamMap!

classic double tree hang

Classic double tree hang

The classic. Find 2 tree’s 2-5m apart and boom. Yes, this is the classic hang. Usually you should atleast can get 2 – 3 hammocks here. Try be a little creative.

bunk bed hammock hang

Double tree advanced hang

The bunk bed style hang. If you have two high trees close together (most commonly palm trees). For every approximately 1.5 meters in height you hang a hammock. To reach get higher then 2 start using the lower hammocks as a ladder.
Note; do not remove lower hammocks when someone is in the top hammock 

long arm tree hang

One arm hang

A surprising amount of tree’s will have at-least one branch above 2 meters long. you can easily hang a hammock along it. Also provides great shade and rain protection. Sometimes higher up you may need to climb the tree or sit on someones shoulders to get it up. 

car and tree hammock

Car hang

If you’re driving, park next to a tree. You can go from your roof racks or around the column between the 2 doors.If you have multiple points on the roof rack you can put multiple to one tree. If multiple tree’s then from them to the same spot in the car.
Note; I’ve even hanged between bull bars at a camping festival

high split hanging tree

Low tree split

There are a lot of weird trees in the world! and a few look like this. Although not obviously apparent to the untrained eye almost all tree’s with a split at the base will have at minimum one hammock spot.
i.e. Cootree & Vondel Park

high split

High split

Trees that split higher-up are also great candidates for hammock spots. They also involve a little bit of searching and climbing but often have great little get aways.
i.e. Cootree

high up hang


There’s a lot of tree’s that kind of look like broccoli. Despit it appearing not to have any spots they’re quiet often littered with potential siesta locations. These will definitely need to be climber and some hanging spots will go between other branches or hang just below the branch line, making it so you have to lower yourself into the hammock.

Big tree hammock hang

Grand tree’s

Often beautiful giant beasts of a tree. Can usually hold 10+ people climbing in them. These can have hammock spots all over. The more creative you are the more you’ll find, great practice tree. Climbing abilities also help for the more advanced hangs.
i.e. Groot & Utrecht park

hang on eachother


Some trees will have enough branches but will look apparent to be bare of hammock spots. This is where experience will be necessary. I’ve once hanged 3 hammocks from a tree with 3 branch, having to of the hammocks counter balance each other with the same bit of rope.
i.e. Classica Beach tree

rock hang

Boulder hang

Rocks can be perfect trees! sometimes even wedging a log tightly between to boulders can create another spot. I’ve hanged a hammock from 2 over hanging rocks on a mountain that was completely bare of trees in NZ… The rock did fall out and I almost fell a long way down the mountain, so be careful where you hang.

overhang hanging hammock


Wind controls the shape of trees a lot. so often along the coast side you’ll see a lot of trees bending over. Almost bowing to you for you to use them to your advantage. Do not mistake them for a weak tree because the wind has controlled how it grew they are all often quiet sturdy!

under the bridge hammock hang

Bridge (Troll hang)

Almost every bridge will have a spot underneath it. From great big bridges like the on in Coffs Harbor or little sneaky ones like the one in Brunswick heads.
Some will require climbing around the bridge, some may be more easy accessible on a stand up paddle board.
Note; Highly recommend these because of the view and the out the way of public eye.

pole hammock hang

Light (pole hang)

People often disregard poles because of the lack of grip the a smooth service provides. This can easily be over come by using your shoes or thongs between the rope and the pole. Giving you a rubber base for the rope to use as grip.
Note; may damage shoe

balcony hammock

Balcony hang

Simplest and most overlooked of them all. Is often ones balcony will have accompanying hand rails easy for the taking. Hand rails are designed to hold a fair bit of weight and are far enough apart. 

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