Easily stretch or hammbag from 1.8 meters to 5.4 meters! with NO extra rope, straps or tools!

Short 1.8 meter hang

Simply put the grunt straps through the loops at either end of the hammock. Then strap it around a tree.

You can also hang it smaller distance such as 1 meter and use your hammbag as a chair instead.

Long 5.4 meter!

Undo the 2 ropes at on side of the hammbag. Thread one the the 4 loops on the bag, then the ring, then the last 4 loops. Now back through the ring and tie it to it’s end.
You’ll now have a spare piece of rope that you can add an extra 1.2m to your hang.
Repeat on the other side if you need more rope.

Exact distance may vary depending on tree width and personal ‘Hammbaglar’ skills. No offense but it’s true 

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