Side Flap

The flap hangs by your side so you have easy access to your velcro pocket. Also one pocket can be used as a drink holder!

Pillow Pocket

2 interior pockets inside the towel section can be stored with clothes or soft materials to be converted into a groovy pillow pocket. also a secure safe pocket to put your phone or wallet while you sleep

Straps & Carabiners

The straps to setup the hammock come with the bag and are converted from the bag straps to two 1.1m straps to go around any tree or secure point.
The carabiners can then be used to clip an other belongings to the hammock 


The hammock can hold upto 130kg! and can fit 2 people. you just may need to get a little cozy 😉

Switch Styles

Easily switch between a single strap bag and a backpack! Without removing anything we give you all the straps and clips needed, nothing that comes with the hammbag goes to waste  

Single strap bags
5 Sections

5 giant pockets that can each easily hold 25L+. Being each section is seperated by atleast 2 layers of canvas and towel so you can have a wet section and still keep your books and laptop dry

Velcro Pockets

There’s a velcro pocket in the flap for quick access as well as a secure hidden inside the towel section of the bag to really keep some belongings safe

Carabiners & Rings

Carabiners make it easy to clip anything you need to the bag ie. Keys, small bags, speakers. Also allows you to clip the bag onto anything!
The rings make it fun to attach any unique key rings you have

Giant Towel

A giant 2 meter by 1 meter beach towel! Happily have a picnic with friends

Dual Layered

Canvas exterior makes it extremely durable to the elements and the high thread count canvas makes it sand and dirt resistant, 
The soft towel gives it a comfy touch even if you’ve just been swimming or its a hot sweaty day

100% Cotton

Allows the Hammbag to be machine washable and very comfortable

Inside Pockets

Inside velcro & pillow pockets still allot smaller items to be safe even when using it as a towel

Worlds first Thneed*

Easily switch between a BagTowel and Hammock. Its durable, reliable, and extremely comfy!
Packed with a heap of features

Our Story Buy Now!

Thneed”-  “A-fine-something-that-all-people need.” Dr. Suess


Hammbag being used for a single strap bag and a backpack
drink holder
dual layered hammbag
Multiple section pockets in hammbag
hammock tree straps
picnic mat on the hammbag


In Action


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