What does a pirate*, biker, hippie and a drunk* have in common? 
Well probably a lot actually. All filled with an adventure mind set, a sense of carelessness amongst them.
What about a homeless, hiker and truck driver?
Maybe slightly less. Yet all these ‘people’ and more have been recommended as potential Hammbaglers… Really?

Everyone is a Hammocker

Subjectively from our side we believe everyone should be hanging with a hammock at least at some point in their week. They’re just crazy comfy, convenient and useful. Yet this is more commonly not the case. Why this is still baffles us, seriously people, hammocks.

The best partner for a hammock is a Hammbag. It stores the hammock, creates a comfy way to carry the hammock plus creates a storage area for your personal belongings. If you do own a hammock the Hammbag is a no brainer.


Not Everyone are Hammbaglers 

The Hammbag pro is another level though. It isn’t just a hammock, it’s a life companion. A “swiss army knife for peace times” is how it has been described. It’s capable of doing so much more then being a hammock, bag or towel, even though those uses alone are amazing.

There are some down sides to the Hammbag pro that may deter away a few individuals;
– Learning Curve: To fold it into a bag requires a 2 minute folding process and using some carabiners. Since even the word ‘Carabiner’ can intimidate some this may not be the best companion. 
– Not OCD: Because the Hammbag pro is essentially a rectangle piece of fabric. It’s dependent on how you fold it and what you store. It’s more of a separated sack then an organised bag. 
– New Invention: It has just been born. We’re still developing and designing it. Unless people are naturally early adopters or have a specific interest for adventure equipment.

A common occurrence is someone will purchase a Hammbag pro for the sake of being a hammock or a great beach bag. Then when they begin to use it a few weeks later they’ll start to realise it’s potential and begin to bring it to other parts of their life.

Becoming a Hammocker

One day just setup a hammock and lay in it for 15 minutes(If you don’t have one). It’ll change your life. Either you’ll get out and say where has that been all my life or you won’t get out. 

In a week I may only set the hammock up once. Though that’ll be the comfiest and most zen part of the hole week. Even usually come up with the greatest ideas there and meet a lot of new friends, often jealous about the hammock. 

1 Step Further

Next time you setup that hammock you’ll now remember to bring your favourite book or paper and VAPD or even just a beer and smoke. It will really elevate your hang. 
The Hammbag has enough pockets and loops to clip stuff to that you can really make it your own setup and get real comfortable physically and mentally

Even Further 

Wow going for your third hang!? try going for a walk and setting it up on the way. Find nature or even one of your favourite spots and setup. Personally guarantee there’s a spot, if you need help here’s a blog.

It doesn’t ned to be anywhere special… even just under a trampoline will do ;P 

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