• Hammock Sleeve
    & Padded Strap
  • 2x Large Zipper Pockets
    (In & out side)
  • 2x Large Drink Pockets
  • 12L Actual Storage 
  • 3 Ways To Wear


& Efficient  

We’ve tried to only keep the necessary features of a bag…
and then make them as efficient as possible

It’s great to have a bag that has a key chain, battery, indicators or removable storage. Although it’s just adding extra to something that’s already there (bells & whistles). We’ve tried to aim for the bare minimum yet back it as practical and effective as possible. 

Functional and simple making it efficient and practical. 
OR F+S= EP. Boom.

We stripped a bag to its bare minimum and just left it there. We made it as simple as possible. Then made it as efficient as possible. leaving enough space to build on from tthere.

All The Items You Need!… Plus More 

The hammbag is especially designed to have a spot for all your gear… and then whatever you want to carry… plus a hammock. 

There are 2 long pockets great for 1.5L water bottles, small towels and batteries. 2 more zipper pockets for access inside and outside the bag. Then there is the large 12L section in between all that shenanigans. Wait but then what you carry it with turns into a hammock.
If you don’t have a hammock it’s a know brainer.

Hammock Sleeve

The strap can be loaded with most if not any nylon hammock. It can easily be accessed from each side creating quick access for storing and setting up the hammock!

Padded Strap

The hammock then makes the strap extra padded and super comfortable. Making it even awesome to use as a pillow or cushion

Large Storage Area

The main compartment of the Hammbag can store 12L (actual Liters!). Without compromising any of the other pockets or compartments!

Zipper Pockets

2 large zipper pockets. One on the inside of the bag for more secuure belongings. Plus another on the outside for slightly quicker access.

Side Pockets

Large pockets down either side of the bag great for storing large items that can be quickly accessed i.e. water bottles(This 1L), towels (this is a 150x70cm), battery pack, umbellar, pencil case etc… 


Turn the bag inside out to have the pockets easier to access and for a new design

Styles to Wear

Swing the bag around you 3 different positions. Each position has it’s own benefits and is extremely easy to switch between!

Side Bag

The classic sling style bag hanging by your hand off your shoulder

All your stuff by your side. Even use the outside zipper pocket for a drink


Use it as a backpack for the more nimble adventuers

Hammock makes the strap extra padded around shoulders and arms

Back Sling

Low hanging backpack to move it quickly out of the way

Great for easily getting it out of the way while you skate

Hammock Setup

Quickly clip the hammock up out each ends of the strap and then slide the bag to one side. That’s it.

You can chuck a jumper in the bag and use it as a pillow while in you’re in the hammock. Or just let it hang and use the outside zipper pocket as a beer pocket 🤷

Hammock Pack-up

Simple slide the hammbag into the center of the hammock and then stuff each side into the strap in seconds. 

None of your stuff ever has to leave your bag the hole process! on the contrary it’s hanging by you the hole time