Just finished a 5 week skate trip down the Garden Route in South Africa. Was such a magical experience! The people I met were awesome and amazing in their own unique way. Each person helped me so much a long the way and had a lesson to tech me.

Luckily this trip was assisted by not only my trusty Hammbag though also a few amazing brands: including Samsung, Board Hub, Go Pro, Just Cruisin, Crocs, Breazies and Sealand. 

First… the Hammbag!

The hole point of the trip was to do a skate trip through the Garden Route was for me to get out my invention; The Hammbag. It’s been and idea that’d came up with my mate Tom in 2015 (Story Here), and have been working on it since then. 
personally it’s my favourite thing to use! … for anything, it’s just that versatile!

It was my bag, bed, picnic mat and even blanket during this trip. 

The Transport

To get from A to B you need a reliable steed. Some choose car or bike. For convenience of climbing trees and mobility of transport I used a Sector 9 skateboard. That was generously donated to me by the legends at Board Hub!

The Tools

Any good trip needs to be accompanied by some tools. They can be different depending on what type of journey you’re on and what you’re doing. For this trip these helped me a long the way, here’s my opinion on them.


GoPro has helped me since my first big skate adventure. Hit old mate Davey from their team sent a camera a few times cause I just asked! I guess he also wanted to support an epic quest. This time he sent the MAX which is a 360 camera. It was phenomenal! The quality was only out done by it’s editing features after capturing. Letting you choose how you wanted to perceive or display the film.

They sent me the first tripod selfie stick as well although in the first week it broke and was having hassles with it the rest of the time. They’ve came up with a new design that seems much more improved.

Also, kudos to the Quik editing app!  


For being an action tough resilient camera, its lenses are very stretchable and exposed. I dont really like the screen covers and how they clip onto each other. think it’s ALSO being limited by its shape and design trying to follow the olf style of cameras with a box shape. Why not try a UFO shape. some 360 cameras only have 1 lens. Will hit my mate Davey up with designs when send him a Hammbag. Will also let DJI know have a few more ideas with drones. 

Samsung S21 Ultra

Yes, the s21 Ultra! Samsung graciously sent me a phone that my friends helped me receive on my travels. This came at the right time as the phone I was using at the time was full and making it difficult to edit and capture. Though it was a cracked, broken battery iPhone 7 and it still used the Quik app like a dream!
This phone baffled me constantly! The camera quality makes every photo look like a work of art. legendary close ups and crazy zoom makes it the ultimate camera. The screen feels like you’re watching a TV. It’s pretty sturdy and water resistant… it survived me so far without a case which is impressive enough.   

Tested it with the S pen and that worked amazing. Really excited to draw on it while hammocking!


The 2 complaints aren’t even real issues. One is the battery only lasts a day of use because the screen is so large, though the fast charging solves that. The second issue is the screen is so large that sometimes when using it the edge of your hand touches the screen. Little annoying when using keyboard. Again not much of an issue if you have a case. 

JBL Clip 4

Let me tell you a story of the power of JBL! The first time we finally had a party was in the Wilderness Farm and it was amazing. Cause of curfew and being on the top of the hill the speakers were turned off. Yet the party continued because the my new mate Chico that gave me a ride brought his hectic JBL. Which kept the party pumping. 
In the morning charging my phone the speaker battery finally died. Being unaware the the phone automatically connected to my smaller speaker the music kept playing fooling us all thinking it was the bigger one playing.


2 small things again. The rubber part of the clip is a bit flimsy and  sometimes detaches and the off switch is so sensitive if it bumps the skateboard whilst I’m carrying it, it’ll turn off. Reckon could be better with a small sliding switch.


Some brands gave me some clothes which was pretty awesome… though only had 2 changes of clothes.


The most versatile footwear! Wear them at home or hiking mountains! Sadly the canvas isn’t great skateboarding so mine disintegrated pretty quickly although they still work. May need to upgrade to the more robust crocs. 

Just Cruizin!

The comfiest of clothing brands it’s actually phenomenal. Though they have a small range for men’s it’s all I needed. they’re so loose and breezy. 


A fun board shorts line, similar to Granadilla boardies. Honestly I thought the name sounded cool. although think I’m more of a Lizard board shorts guy because of the 4 way stretch. 

Honorable Mention:


Gave us a smaller bag that was very cool using recycled materials. Although couldn’t fit my laptop in it even though I wouldn’t of taken it.


An awesome rock climbing place hooked us up with a tarp and microfibre towel. I can say for a fact that I would’ve been a lot wetter if they didn’t help me with that.


Board hub hooked us up with an awesome Sector 9 board which worked so well. was only 32″ long and smashed the roads the hole way!

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