Rest Week

My body has failed me last 300km! I am a week ahead so I rested in Frankfurt for the weekend. I stayed at an awesome hostel, I urbaned hammock (when you camp in cities, easy to do in Frankfurt. I also couch surfed, found someones couch at 11pm when I had no place to stay that night so that was lucky.

I also met some amazing people who I’m sure our paths will cross again soon! Frankfurt is such a small, fun city and extremely multicultrural.

Bad News!

I lost my GoPro! The one that GoPro sent me to use for this trip! I still have all the accessories they sent, just not the camera 🙁 I am truely devistated.
Anyway I survuved Museumsuferfest in Frankfurt, which was an awesome riverside festival, and you could go into all the museums for basically free

Frankfrt to Munster

This was only a mere 290km, and started of extremelz difficult for the first 150km, then it was amazingly fun! You can see the topographic side on view. I did have to walk up 2 enormos hills about 15km each of up hill… Then, oh boy!
BUT didn’t get a lot of footage cause no GoPro and its really hard using your phone as a GPS, MP3 & a camera while bombing 60km/h down hill.

Munster! We made it

I arrived in Munster and it was love at first site! this city is beautiful! I managed to skate 290km partly due to the large amount of downhill and partly due to the fact that theres a big ass storm coming!

Going to chill in Munster & Cloppenberg the next couple of days! cause they’re awesome! and hopefully if I make it above 2K donated I’ll get another camera.

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