There a lot of things in this world to admire and be in awe of. Some of them right under our noses yet a vast majority of the population don’t notice. Appreciate the small things in life and then the big will come naturally.

Not to Admire

In life there are a lot of things for us to be appreciative and have admiration for daily. Most of them come to us free yet humans tend to take for granted what is given to them for nothing i.e. Friendship, love, family, experiences, sight, movement… Rather they place worth on something with a monetarily value i.e. cars, houses, holidays, personal worth… These things are actually relatively worthless and can be replaced at any point. However what we are given for free can’t.

This amazing segment is from – Strangest Secret in the World

What & How to Admire

The moment you have now is in itself amazing. This is what monks & gurus teach, to be in the present moment. The ability to be fully focused and ‘in the now’ is a teaching that is often hard to grasp. A few good questions I’ve heard to become present;

  • “What is this moment lacking?”
  • “What will my next thought be?”

There are a few things in life that can’t help but bring you here though. Just observing it can bring you such awe and amazement often bring silence to the hole group; Mountains, Ocean, Fire & Stars. Each of these can have someone starring at them for as long as they can. 


Mountainous – Earth

Whether you’re focusing on a enormous presence in front of you. Or standing on top of the world peering down on it. Or amongst the presence of massive mountains, you can”t help but be engulfed by it. Starring at these beasts, new crevasses, cracks & details can continuously be found. Almost like they’re growing ever more detailed. 
Looking at a mountain you’re about to climb can see extremely daunting and impossible. Then looking back on your trail gives you a strong sense of achievement. If you’re watching it piercing through the clouds or looking down at the world all of your problems become more futile from the magnitude of your surroundings.
Earth comes in many forms and shapes. It changes even with time. Day to day can bring completely new experience depending on weather, season, or year.


Ocean – Water

Watching waves roll in from the horizon crashing on the emerging rocks and lands edge can seem like a screen saver. The flow of the sea amazes us in it’s movement. How fluid it is and even such hard objects as rocks eventually fall to it’s will. Then the never ending horizon showing the oceans expansiveness and even the biggest object on this planet would dwindle in it’s comparison.  
The flow of water doesn’t stop in the seas. Watching water carefully carve its way through the landscape as a river. Or come plummeting to earth with a monstrous crash as a waterfall. Or even calmly laying in it’s surroundings as a lake. All these show how dynamic the water is emphasizing it’s flow & diligence.   



Something that has been vital to us since the Stone Age. Still even though you see it almost everyday, most people are completely unaware of it’s actual physics. Regardless fire itself is extremely engaging. Marveling in it’s power & unpredictability. Throughout history fire has been not only the cause of devastating events but has also been an key tool for humanities development; from cooking, light & energy.
Watching a candle flicker or listening to the sound of wood crackle in a bonfire can be hypnotic. Observing how it interacts with whatever it’s burning or wind can’t help but seem like it’s living. Even other animals or people in its presence will have their own personal engagement with it and their engagement brings a hole other story.

Brief of Fire: After having a chemical combustion reaction with it’s source and fuel (oxygen) it gives of photons (Mass-less waves/particles) in forms of light and heat.


Sky/Stars – Air

Star gazing is not a new concept to anyone. Even though people in Hong Kong may have never seen the stars the moment they’re in their presence you can guess where there attention will go.
Stars somehow almost magically combine the impacts of all the previous examples. Expressing it’s unimaginative limitlessness dwarfing any mountain on the horizon. Yet dynamic like the ocean; Constantly moving, seeing planets, satellites & shooting stars dance across the sky. And just as incomprehensible as fire.
Peering up at stars can become like an addiction, always calming oneself bringing them present.


In Conclusion

These are things you can easily endlessly admire. In fact it’s almost impossible not to. The trick is to look at everything in this way. Even thought all these can be seen at home. It’s often a lot easier for people gain further respect when adventuring! Although after all your exploration remember; “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

P.S. Elements

You probably noticed that I linked them to each element. I’m not sure why I thought that. It just kind of gave a completeness to it. I’ll think about it a little bit more and give you an update.

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