Everyday Carry (EDC)

Is a collection of useful items that consistently carried on a person everyday. The main reasons for having EDC are utility and preparedness; to help individuals overcome simple everyday problems, and to prepare someone for unexpected and possibly dangerous situations.

Some of the most common EDC items are knives, flashlights, multitools, wallets, smartphones, watches, key rings, notebooks, firearms and pens. – Thank you Wikipedia 

EDC Carry

So to carry your everyday carry, pockets is the obvious answer. Although when increasing capacity you need to have something to carry your items. That’s when bags, organizers, handbags and other accessories start to get involved. So then that accessory also becomes an EDC item.

Everyday Carry Items EDC

One to Rule Them All!

If you were on a deserted island… or a mountain peak, or on a boat, or at a house party or in a rainstorm. Basically in any arbitrary situation you can conceive. What would be the Most Valuable Carry?

Well at that point, your ultimate item is no longer a ‘carry‘. It becomes your companion! Your Most Valuable Companion! MVC

Hammbag changes the game completely by not only carrying whatever items you desire. It is more useful then all your items.

The MVC Competition

There are a lot of great items out there that are awesome and possibly more useful then a Hammbag. However lets take a closer look at their positives & negatives of being the ultimate companion. 

Smart Phone

You know what that is…

+ Can connect you with anyone
+ Any information
+ Aswell as camera, light, compass…

– Needs to be charged
– Delicate
– Expensive 


You also know what this is…

+ Transport
+ Possible Accommodation 

– Needs Fuel
– Big & Heavy

Pocket Tool 2.0

An Awesome multi tool

+ Heaps of Tools (30)
+ Unique Tools; Flint, Pully
+ Carabiner 

Multi Tools aren’t for everyone

MetMo Grip

A Shifter that’s more then a shifter

+ Strong Grip
+ Large Shifter
+ Clamp

Specific needs to use it

Wearable Multi-Tool

Fashionable Screwdriver Set

+ 29 Screwdriver heads
+ Wearable 

Doesn’t look very usable 

Adv3nture Hoodie 2.0

Awesome Jumper

+ Filter
+ Insulated & Thermal Core
+ Coffee Cup
+ Cocktail Shaker

A good bottle is essential! 

Adventure Flask

Bottle for every need

+ 20 Features
+ Good Material

… It’s still a Jumper. What happens the other 50% of the time when it’s warm

Link North

Blanket Hammock

+ Blanket
+ Hammock
+ Pillow

Bulky to carry around


Blanket Hammock

+ Blanket & Mat
+ Hammock w/ Pillow
+ Towel
+ Straps & Carabiners

Takes a minute to switch between forms

MVC Conclusion

There are some awesome everyday items out there. They all make great companions for there own situations. Although if we had to consider the widest possible situations we have to make the list shorter.

Anything that needs power, can’t get wet or needs a specific circumstance to be useful, is out.
Tools are great and all, but what happens when you’re cold.
Bottles also vital but not always essential if you got a waterfall…

I can keep leaning this to show the Hammbag is the greatest companion, however you know it is. Please prove me wrong in the comments. 

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