Day with Dylan

Now that Lockdown is coming to an end in Cape Town, time to adventure! Come explore with me and hte Hammbag mini and see some cool features we figure out along the way!

It’ll be a fun Day with Dylan (DwD for short or Dwiddle! haha just thought of that now)

Things we discovered today…

Ways to wear the Hammbag mini

Besides obviously being a single strap bag there’s 3 ways you can wear the mini if you’re doing something more active like, running, cycling or skating. This can really be done with most single strap bags (although they don’t have the added bonus of the padding in the strap… that’s also a hammock)

Great for running or to quickly get the bag out the way while on the move.

A easy backpack like mode to get into to get your bag out the way while cycling, rock climbing or skating.

Basically like a backpack & In fact extremely comfy!

Hammock or Rain Blanky

The Hammbag mini hammock (or any 200D nylon hammock) Works as a great rain blanket for you or your stuff in your bag!

Hammbag Mini W/ Skateboard

Again this can be done with most single strap bags. Just thought you should know some good tips.

Note Book!

Always have a note book! You never know where your next idea will come from! Here’s a little post i wrote about how to make your own awesome book! Personal Notebook

+ Best Pen Holder

Beanies and headbands work great for carrying pens (or rollies 😛 ) 

GoPro wristy

If you have a buff They work really well to carry your GoPro if you’re constantly using it.

Cheap Burger in South Africa

Checkers & Spar is a common supermarket in Africa and they have some awesome $2 burgers. Not the best burger you’ve had but legendary for $2! Woolworths has some more gourmet variety… about $4.

No Cutlery? … Twig Sticks!

Use twig chopsticks. although if that’s not good enough for you. We are releasing the ultimate spork! It does everything! … that the Hammbag doesn’t like being a spoon.

... or SPORKEY!

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