During this time of little adventures and being stuck in South Africa. I’ve started selling one of the most efficient items in Cape Town!

Selling What? … Versatile Face Masks

So obviously the craze right now is face masks. And again obviously we’re selling the most BA one! 

It is so versatile, in fact here’s 24 ways you can use it! I’ve used mine so much in the passed. If you look at some Hammbag photo’s you can often see one wrapped around my speaker that’s clipped onto my bag.

Check ’em out Here!

cover of buff
collage of buff 9 things to do

Helping out Joe!

Met this legend living in a car park making awesome art out of cans, shells & thongs. 
We hit it of and now working on this project together!


Hammbag v2 Update

Now, it’s almost over…

This crazy lockdown seems to be almost over! And we’ve been getting ready for it. The upgrades to the Hammbag & Hammbag Mini are awesome and super excited to share them with you!

Despite being in lockdown I’ve still been getting around and been doing mini adventures. Even been coming up with even more ideas! Now to try do the part that I’m terrible at… social media. Getting ready to release Version 2 of the Hammbag we’ll be a lot more active from now on, So keep up!

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