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Started a skate trip up Africa leaving Cape Town start of Spring 2021 planning to make it to Cairo. 
Had 10 flights cancelled trying to get back to Australia so going to make our own adventure back.


Few things making it a challenge is doing it on an extreme budget. Using my skateboard and thumbs as main mode of transport. Plus Hammbag and couches being ideal accommodation. 

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Cape Town – The Beginning

Starting in one of the most beautiful cities with amazing people it was incredibly difficult to leave. Had to do a little walk about around the amazing Table Mnt. Starting first night at Lions head went with two legends, Jigga & Helen.

It was partly to prepare ourselves for the skate to test and reassure our gear. Jigga is also doing an incredible walk from Eastern Cape to Cape Town! Check it here; Walk67  

On the Road Again!

Greg had to collect his puppies from the airport at the same time picking us up from Cape Town taking us to his in Sommerset West.
On this day also managed to snap the board BoardHUB gave us. They ended up giving a discount for a new one. Niva boards in Gordons Bay hooked us up with some trucks plus a special herb for the road.

Skated Gordons Bay to Gaansbaai. From the Locals Pub to Vans Dyke Bay, approximately 132km. One of the most magical coastal roads to skate along.

Gaansbaai & Whales

Making it to the whale watching capital of South Africa. Our new old mate Dickie sorted us out for accommodation. His family runs an awesome company; Marine Dynamics. They took us on a whale watching experience and bought a Hammbag! That was awesome. 
Marine Dynamics is more than whale watching and shark diving. They are serious about helping marine life and sharing knowledge to the public. Also have probably the best restaurant in town with a whale skeleton swimming above the tables!

Straight to Struisbaai

Dickies legendary misses, Annie gave us a lift all the way to Struuisbaai. Where the braai master resides; Gert. Ended up enjoying a few days with him, his family and his awesome braaing abilities. We ended up exploring his local and the southern most tip of Africa. Managed to help him out with a small job and get a quick painting gig for some extra cash.  

Hitch Hiking Begins

Leaving Struisbaai was planning to skate 45km just passed Bredasdorp. Thought I’d test out my hitching abilities on the way… it worked way to well. Within ~4km out of town got a ride in a bakkie (Afrikaans for Ute) to Bredasdorp.

After grabbing some supplies on the way out of the ‘dorp came across another hiker. Jokingly asked if he got a ride to pick me up along the way. Approximately 15km later a huge truck pulls over in front of me and it was my old friend with a new friend. Even though my mate got out at Swellendam the truckie took me all the way to Mossel Bay 😲

It gets better. Getting out of the truck in Mossel Bay skating down the exit ramp. Saw 2 girls hitching and decided to go stand with them. As rolled to them a car stopped to pick them up and gave us a lift to Vic Bay!… We also picked up 11 other guys that we squeezed into the back along the way.

Victoria Bay

An incredibly awesome little beach. Actually reminds me of a local beach near our home town called ‘Little Beach’ which is just as cool with less people and surf. There’s a family feel restaurant called Vikkis at the Beach with a new little surf shop next door. The surf break is perfect right hander along the rocks. You can even walk to the backline and yell at your mate when their meals ready. 
You can walk along the abandon train tracks all the way to Vic Bay. On the way you’ll pass my mate Johnnes, he lives in a cave down by the sea with his family.

Wild Wilderness

The real beginning of the garden route this town has a special energy. You can really get stuck despite this town despite it’s size. At the same time you can easily accidently drive through in 5 minutes. 

Walking along the train tracks you’ll find a handcrafted cave that used to be the train station. Luckily an awesome dude moved in (forgot his name, this will happen a lot). He got the rights and has genuinely made it a really cool fun place to chill at.

The hidden gems just need to be found. Both hostels Fairy Knowe Backpackers & Wilderness Beach House are amazing. Both have an awesome bar, braai pits and an amazing vibe. Fairy Knowe blessed us with a bed and an amazing night meeting incredible people and live music. 

Party at Natures Valley

Managed to get a lift with Larry my relative to Plettenberg Bay. We hanged in Plett which is one of the greatest hammock towns on the Garden Route. All the stores already had Hammbags. 

Went to Natures Valley that have to great places to stay; Wild Spirit & Fire Fly Falls. Where we actually had an awesome Bubbles & Vikings party. Actually stayed at my friend Domi in her caravan with her friend & cat Prrdy. Natures Valley is amazing place with a vibe similar to Wilderness. Plus there being a legendary farm stall called Natures Way, got stuck there for a few days.

Hitching 200km to Gqeberha 

Eventually leaving the magical atmosphere that is Natures Valley walked to the local servo ‘the Crags’ to try hitch hiking again. As closing in on the station a truck pulled over. Asked him for a lift he shook his head gesturing me to move on. Passing the truck another small truck was pulling away. Gesturing impishly with my thumb he slowly rolled his window down and accepted to give me a lift the hole way. didn’t even make it to the servo and got a lift!

Where Now?

Arriving into Gqeberha injured myself. Got infected. Now need to recover for a few days. Luckily new friend, Dr G is taking great care of me and showing us around town!

Next stop is to meet up with Jigga the moment can walk again! Follow him @Walk67withJigga


Adventuring ~11000km up Africa. Cape Town to Cairo. 

On a budget. Transport being skateboard and thumbs. Accommodation hammocks, couches and hostels. Main expense will be sustenance. Skateboard basically runs of beer. Would you’d like to buy us a beer or support the journey?

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