Travel can be the most expensive part of your trip, yet it can also be the cheapest! If you’re tactical enough about it getting transport to your destination place could be your only expense on travel and then you just need to minimize that.
After you get there you can choose to get toe each destination however you choose. You can do it free or pay for flights to direct neighbouring countries.

The best way to workout your best travel plan is a price verse time calculation. Basically, if the amount of money it’ll cost to get a faster more convenient option is less then the amount of time left, upgrade to that option. 

Getting there

First getting overseas can be expensive. However apps like;

Are really good places to start when looking for the cheapest flight. Google even has a price monitoring option and a explore, where you can visually look for the best route.

Other flights might be more expensive yet hold a greater value. For instance, When travelling from Australia to Europe. Fly South Korean Air, as when you arrive in Seoul for a over night stay over. They’ll pay for your accommodation, pick you up and drop you off as well as getting a buffet dinner and breakfast. Then after a good nights rest you’ll arrive in Europe around lunch time ready to roll! so an extra couple of hundred may be worth that extra day. 

Getting around

This can add up to a large portion of your budget or be completely FREE! Starting from the bottom up.

  • Walks & Runs – The best thing you can do in a city is explore it first hand. So getting from A to B on foot can be an adventure in itself. Alternatively to learn the city better, go for morning runs, get exercise and learn your surroundings.   
  • Hitch Hike – Available in every country. Can be a fun and great experience. Time cost is high, because you don’t know when you’ll get a ride or if it’ll take you all the way.
  • Bikes, Skateboards, Scooters – A lot of cities now have electric bikes and scooters you can hire with a phone app i.e. Lime. These are greaat for getting around a city. Or alternatively bring a travel skateboard 
  • Bla Bla Car – If you’re not suited to going on the road and stick your thumb out. Free ride sharing services can be found. Another great way to meet people.
  • Public Transport – Every where has a decent public transport service. It will at least be better then your home town. It’s cheap and fun to explore the undergrounds of a city or look at the views from a bus.
  • Moped Hire – In a lot of Asian countries it’s cheap, easy and fun to hire mopeds or motorbikes. Make sure you have travel insurance (note travel insurance won’t cover you if you don’t have bike licence…however they don’t check when hiring a bike)
  • Bus About – A simple genius bus services on most continents. Well atleast some form of bus service can be found. This is great because for long overnight trips, your transport can double as accommodation! 
    This is better for a long stay, because you can get unlimited travel for a few months.
  • Uber – Everyone knows it. Not exactly budget travel. However if you really running low on time it could be your only option. 
    Just check because in some countries there are similar apps that are significantly cheaper or more effective ie. Grab & Lyft
  • Eurorail – If you’re travelling around Europe and have minimal time and a lot of destinations to go to. This can definitely help save time. A bit pricey but if used effectively can be very beneficial 

Ideally you want to stay in a location long enough so by the end of your stay you know that public transport system so well. However if you’re hopping around a fair bit you should look into one of the travel options i.e. Busabout & Eurorail. 
This post shows that after you arrive in a city, if you want your transport cost could almost be Nil, nothing, zero!

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