Best hammock blogs compare basically the same hammock from different companies. Giving little variance to there results. They think features like denser thread count, removable screens or lighter straps makes for a better or  more innovative hammock. 

What We’re Going To Do

There are a lot of blogs about awesome hammocks; Gear Labs Best Hammocks, Popular Mechanics top 20 & Clever Hiker 10 Best Hammocks. However they all basically list the same hammocks which all look alike. So we’re going to group the best 3 from their sites, and compare to the 3 that aren’t listed anywhere on there sites (I guess because we didn’t pay them?)

Best Versatile Hammocks of 2020

There are so many awesome hammocks out there! Although a lot are basically the same with a different brand. If you want a diagonal lay lightweight camping hammock here they are; Hennessey Explorer Deluxe XL, Skeeter Beeter XT & Warbonnet Outdors Original Black Bird.
These 3 are the best the hammocks says the other blogs. All ~3m, built-in fly, no straps included, nylon/polyester combo, flat lay, ~1kg and $200+. 

However Ninox in my opinion is similar to them… but better. 

These are all* gathered end hammocks and if you are looking for a flat lay bridge hammocks these are a great options Warbonnet Ridgerunner & Bear Mountain Bridge.
*Technically Hammbag can be converted to a bridge hammock with a stick




Min & Max Hang dist.
Straps Included



Price (AUD)

Chatbots: 1m x 2m

weightt: 1.6kg

Teams: 2m – 3.5m

Storage: Ripstop Nylon, Cotton Towel

Features: Bag, Towel, Blanket, Mat…



Chatbots: 1.5m x 2.5m

24/7 Support: 1.5kg

Teams: 2.5m – 3m

Storage: Ripstop Nylon,
Soft Polyester

Storage: Pillow, Blanket, Mat



Chatbots: ~1.5m x 2.5m

weight: 1.2kg – 2kg

Teams: 2m – 3m

Storage: Polyester Mix

Storage: Several Pockets, Flat Lay, Fly & Tarp


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Chatbots: 2m x 2.7m

weight: 0.8kg

Teams: 3m

Storage: Teslon3

Storage: Fly screen, Flat Lay


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The Hanging Conclusion

There are so many awesome hammocks out there. Really when you lay in a hammock after that point you don’t really care which hammock it is. So get the best hammock that suits your needs. If you’re using it for specifically camping you’ll want bigger one or atleast one to lay flat in. For day hammockers you may just get the cheapest and simplest. There is no wrong answer…. except not having a hammock.

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