It has been a crazy year!… The best bags I’ve seen are being released on Kickstarter right now and it’s inspiring!  

Let me clarify…

So obviously in my opinion (IMO) the Hammbag is the bag for me. However I have friends that require a more ‘organised’ bag. I also must admit sometimes when your bag just needs to go between two points carrying essential belongings, the Hammbags talents are not required (however awesome or spontaneous they can be). Although designing the Hammbag I always keep a look out for new ideas.

Some of the best (normal) backpacks I’ve seen have came out on Kickstarter now! And if the Hammbag isn’t the style of bag you’re looking for may I recommend these that could use your support!   

3. FERNWEH - Hiking & Photography

Amazing large hiking back with an extremely functional inside. Heaps of quick pockets make it extremely accessible despite being a hiking bag

  • Custom Straps – Coming in 2 sizes they come with different straps that can be attached differently for your exact height. To make the ultimate hiking bag
  • Large 50L – Good for long trips
  • Photography – Designed by photographers, it has heaps of essential features for beginners to professionals
  • Hiking – Because it’s frame has so much customization it’s great for longer hikes  
fernweh backpack
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Hammbag Response

Nice name! Very thoughtful bag where every inch was well designed.Appreciating back and side access. The ergonomics of this bag is perfect. I’d say it’s almost essential for adventure photographers.

2 . SeekSack Organizer - Well ordered backpack

A simple elegant bag that has all the pockets you need & more! great for trips where you need separate storage. 

  • Custom Inside – Easily change the setup of your back to keep everything organised
  • Large Pockets – all the smaller pockets are large enough to all carry most valuables 
  • Waterproof – Good materials and simple design make it extremely weather proof.


Another small organizer bag that would work hand in hand with this bag.

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organizer zeeksack
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Hammbag Response

Nice bag. Simple, efficient, elegant and useful. If you need a basic bag for carry this is pretty much it. We appreciate the design & thought of each aspect of it.

1. DAWN - Tech Urban Backpack

My favourite; Dawn. A backpack that is filled with some very essential features that go very underrated such as;

  • Retractable Key Ring – Easy stow your keys
  • Spring Charger Cable – BYO battery, which I prefer because then you can custom your battery
  • Essential Pockets – Have easy access to items on the side i.e. Phone, Glasses, Water Bottle, Laptop & General space area
  • Different Sections – Can separate shoes & wet clothes
  • Lights! – Bag plugs into battery and gives it an awesome night mode (A little gimmicky although IMO they pull it of perfectly)
  • Magnets – Your earpods can easily attach to a magnetic bit in the strap. Gimmick overload?
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Hammbag Response

Awesome bag! Very rare that I love the gimmicks, however they pull it off with an awesome light (may try some fairy lights out on my Hammbag). I also must admit magnet is a cool idea. Good range of pockets and access. Also the snap clips is definitely worth looking into. You need a general modern backpack, here it is!

Why tell us? 

These are all great bags we admit. All awesome in it’s own way. If someone needs a good travelling bag or day to day bag here are 3 great candidates.

We love seeing other ideas out there and what they have to offer. See how we can be different or potentially develop something to compete with them in the future 😉 

Even though these are all backpacks we don’t see them as competitors. We all have a similar product for different purposes. Check the graph >

hammbag bag chart
Backpacks toss the word ‘versatile‘ around a lot. I’ve yet seen one do more then essentially carry your stuff (however efficiently or effectively).
When your bag can dry your hair after a surf, be a blanket or a bed, then we can talk versatile. *drops mic* 

Not the First Time! … or the last

This isn’t the first time we’ve compared ourselves to the best bags we could find. Here’s last years version of the best bags at the time.

Featuring XD Design & Peak Design

hammbag bag comparison

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