One thing that’s often confused me; Did we invent a hammock, bag or towel? or just invent… an invention? Is it a bag cause that’s what it is sold as, or a hammock because that’s what it becomes, or is it a towel because that’s it’s basic form?

Lets compare … Backpacks

Because I believe in the Hammbag so much, I’m going to compare it to the best of what I think is out there. Note, I have done this before, Here’s the update.


The largest variety here. You can get great bags like the nano 4.0 (Shopping Bag), Moose Designs(Tech Bag), Extra Mile (Classic Bag) or the bebebark (handbag) which are awesome bags and great for what they’re trying to achieve. We’re Comparing Hammbag Vs Some Adventure Bags.




Multiple Ways to Wear

Pockets & Compartments

Outer Material

Unique Features / Versatility



Capacity: 30aL

weight: 1.6kg

Carry: ✔️

Storage: 5 Large
7 Small

Material: Ripstop Nylon, Canvas + Coating

Versatility: Hammock, Towel, Blanket…



Capacity: 22-40L

weight: 1.5kg

Carry: ✔️

Storage: 1 Large (Orgaiser)
6 Small

Material: Recycled Nylon
& Polyester

Storage: Hanging Shelf & Toiletry



Capacity: 25-35L

Weight: 1.7kg

Storage: 1 Large
6 Small

Storage: Polyester
+ Nylon

Storage: Bike Lights



Capacity: 30L

weight: 1.5kg

Storage: 1 Large (Dividable)
5 Small

Storage: 1200D Polyester
+ Coating

Storage: Built-in Organiser



Bag Conclusion

All these are great bags and I honestly would recommend any of them if it suits your needs. Wanted to show when designing a bag you should consider;
Design, Organisation, Features, Comfort, Price and Versatility

So many companies focus on the same things. Rarely focus on true versatility or comfort after using it as a bag. It just sits next to you when you’re at your destination. The Hammbag comes out and plays! It’ll get you all comfy if you want a nap, it’ll get you dry if you’re wet, warm if you’re cold or just as a blanket for your mates to sit down on. 

Also, What the f*** with some bag prices now. We’ve been ordering a lot of these bags that are coming out just to learn from them and see what we like or not (for future plans). We could’ve bought a car by now! 

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