Why Hammock

Hammocking anywhere feels amazing. There is a 98% chance that after you get in a hammock anywhere you’ll say something like; “this is actually really comfy”, “I’m not going to be able to get out”, “I’m good you can just leave me here” or something similar.   

Having a hammock always on is ultimate for any tac-nap or siesta fans out there. There’s been many times where getting home after Uni or work was just to difficult so I’d simply setup in the park and have a 20 min or 1.5 hour nap in the park!

Can you imagine being anywhere, beach, bush, mountains, backyard and having the ability to setup the ultimate comfort! With just 2 secure points you can easily make a perfect spot that will mold to you. You don’t need to worry about uneven, wet, rough, rocky or any unsuitable terrain.


This was an awesome spot on the main beach in Byron Bay. Know one was there because it was a terribly rocky incline. However it was directly on the beach and under trees for shade, so arguably one of the best spots. 

A simple hammock made this spot possible! 


When you setup, especially in nature. It gives you instant Hakuna Matata! you feel no worries at all (definitely if you have a beer in the flap!). My friend always tells me;

‘Laying in a hammock is like being spooned by nature!’

When you’re laying in your perfect groove, feeling the wind and the movement of the tree’s with the fresh air of nature. Maybe even looking at an awesome view. It is ridiculously easy to be in the present moment, cause you don’t want to be anywhere else.

This brings me to a huge point, laying in a hammock is a legendary way to meditate. There’s many different ways to meditate (can read here), when you’re in a hammock appreciating little things becomes almost natural. Just by watching the branches entwine above you or how clouds come and go or the sound the leaves make in the wind. It is a perfectly peaceful practice, if you have any anxiety or worry in your life I challenge you to just setup a hammock for 30 minutes one week.


A hammock provides you with so much comfort wherever you are. I often find the only issue I have about having my hammock everywhere is that I don’t have a spot for everyone… I’ve now started taking 2. Hammbag & Hammbag Mini (coming soon).

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