Before you step out that door you need to be ready.
You don’t need much…
Although what you do bring, can make a huge difference on your adventure!

The Bare Necessities 

Everyone’s items are almost always different even if they’re going to the same event. There is never the right set of items, it’s always dependent on the person their needs and occasion.

Personally I have some serious biases being male and predominantly living in a developed nation. Although here are the items that I’d consider everyday carry (EDC) essential items. 

Best Personal items with the hammbag for an adventure

Everything Else!

First all the items I discuss have perfect pockets in the Hammbag and don’t take up the main storage compartment!

Accessories, Items & Stuff

Some items that can often be forgotten and are usually a great addition on an adventure!

Well atleast these items are things that I try to remember on my escapades.

… Why I wrote this blog

Incase you’re unsure what items or why these items. Here’s my quick itinerary and reasoning.
If you have any better ideas please leave a comment or send us a message!

Where: Inside Zipper Pocket

What: Phone, wallet, action camera, anything important

Why: These items are your daily EDC (Everyday Carry). Put in a safe place that can’t be pick-pocketed!

Where: Outside zipper pocket

What: Note book, pen, spork, chilli sauce, sunblock 

Why: all very essential items! although very unsatisfactory items to steal thus the outside pocket. These items don’t haven any supplements and when they’re present on an adventure can add exponentially to the experience!

Where: Side pocket

What: Small towel + battery/glasses case/harmonica/hacky sack/playing cards/Waboba ball/

Why: Side pockets are great for stashing other CFI (Convenient Fun Items) and other useful items… A towel is essential when traveling the galaxy so it is when travelling earth! (also adds more padding to the bag)

Where: Other side pocket

What: Water bottle + chilli sauce/sunblock/creams

Why: You need water. Bring water. Drink more water, this is a reminder 😉. depending on your bottle there should be additional space to add  some other small items of that nature i.e. sauces, creams, deo, glue 

Where: Clipped onto bag w/ Carabiner

What: Speaker, pouches, keys

Why: Small earphone or zipper pouches clipped on the bag make very usefull small storage. Often put things like SD cards, USBS, keys or coins in them. A Speaker is also a great addition on any trip and if it has a carabiner you can clip it with your keys to your Hammbag!

Where: Main 12L storage

What: Anything

Why: Whatever you need for your quest! The Hammbags got the rest 😉


Of course when you teleport onto your adventure by taking your first step you bring what you where so here it is…

Hat/Beanie: If it’s cold or hot (Just an idea). Another great item is a Buff

Shirt: Button Shirt + Shirt Or Shirt + Singlet. Something that you can layer.

Shorts: Board Shorts. Something that can get wet!

Shoes: Versatile that’s comfy, looks good and can get dirty

If you an bring additional items. Here’s what to bring.

Jumper/Jacket: Something for warmth. Hopefully multifunctional… Jankit coming soon.

Thongs(Flip flops): Can easily be clipped to a bag and great for getting wet!

Hammbag Adventure Kit

We recently put together an adventure kit with the basics! Running a special for the first 3 months if you’re keen.

Hammbag Adventure Kit
Hammbag Adventure Kit

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