We’ve been studying a lot more than working so we’re really going to need financial assistance

We’re planning on making the trip inline with halakha as much as possible to show how plausible travel is and going by as many Chabad houses as we can to spread an idea we’ve been brewing up*. Also working on a few personal projects. 

What’s in it for You?


Email Updates

Be notified whenever some big updates get posted


WhatsApp Group

Where we’ll post “backend” content and be engaging  


Challenge Suggestions

Give us suggestions for challenges we’ll be doing on the way


Future Discounts

Afterall we are looking for factories to make stuff 😉

After finding the magic of Shabbos we’ll endeavor to keep it during our travels as well as a few other traditions

We’ll have a list of 40 personal challenges throughout the trip. Ranging from daily tasks to missions to accomplish over the trip

We’ll keep upto date with a trip blog. As well as capturing the content to make a travel vlog of our adventure

Goals & Challenges

Spending a lot more time studying than working we really need some assistance to get going. We really feel this trip will have a positive impact on the communities involved. We have a lot of ideas for how we can continue this mission post trip. This is the first step inline for a lot of ideas!

We’ll be promoting the trip by posting videos and blogs of lessons & ideas we’ve learnt.

2.5k (ILS)

This goal only Dyl will do a solo mission 

  • 10% Tzedakah – We’ll give to local charities
  • Peyot – Last day Dylan will cut his hair and keep his peyot for a day
  • Continuous Kippa – Dyl will wear a Kippa for the trip
  • Travel Vlog – Document the adventure with videos and writings

5k (ILS)

Both Dyl & Yahu will embark on this epic quest!

  • More Challenges +10 more challenges
  • Additional Videos
    • Weekly video on a sefer (philosophy book) 
    • Plus Eliyahu & Dylan’s personal story with Aish
    • Live stream at certain points
  • Own Song – We’ll write a song and potentially an album
  • Own Poem – Aliyahu will write and preform a poem
  • Peyot – Dylan will cut his hair and keep his peyot for a week
  • Something Crazy – We’ll figure that out if we come close and engage the community about it
  • NO Bahn Mi – Dyl will NOT have a Bahn Mi*

Bahn Mi* Dyl will endeavor to keep kosher. including not eating the famous pork rolls of Indonesia! this may not seem like a big deal. However this has been part of his standard $5 lunches for the past 10 years. Even becoming a local at a few of the shops around Sydney

*Brewing Idea*: We have a vision of bringing secular and Jewish culture together using technology as a positive growth tool to help share and spread the message of spiritual belief. This trip will help us connect with people to spread our initiative and get some powerful content

*+5.5k*: If we get anything more than this. We’ll add hole bunch more challenges (Possibly even keeping peyot for the trip & returning to Aish)

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