Annandale to Macmasters Beach

101km in 2 days (28 hours)

Last week I challenged myself to skate from Sydney to Central Coast. I went along the old pacific highway and stayed overnight near Mooney Mooney bridge. 
I left at 930am got to Pie in the Sky at 2pm (45km). Then continued another 20km  to just after the bridge. 
The next day had an early start at 730am and arrived at Macs at 130pm.

The skate was fun, hard and I learnt a lot to prepare me for my 1000 km one! So here’s what I learned. 

  • A – Annandale 930am Thursday
  • B – Pie in the Sky 2pm Thursday
    total: 45km
  • C – Hammock spot 7pm Thursday – 730am Friday
    total: 65km
  • D – Macmasters Beach 2pm Friday
    total: 101km

What I learn’t

So this was such a fun skate, a lot more enjoyable then I anticipated. Even from this there’s 4 main things I took away from this trip;
(These were written in Google Keep, thus the weird format)

  • Stop4Stuff – Basically enjoy the ride! There were so many amazing spots to see and places to eat. I wasn’t in any rush so just thought “Screwit lets doit”. These little highlights made the adventure so much more rich. 
    If I saw an amazing look out. I’d stop, have a drink, smoke and maybe a snack. Even went passed a brewery that opened on that exact minute, basically a sign from god and I had to go in!
    Simply, enjoy the moment.
  • Can2Walk – I was fixed on pushing up every climb and bombing every hill. Some hills just broke me and it was relaxing to walk. Especially if it’s really steep and bumpy, then my walking speed was almost the same as pushing.
    As for down hills…always bomb them.
  • Not1Use – As light as I thought my backpack was at the beginning, over time it felt a lot heavier. So almost everything in my bag is going to get a makeover 😉 Nothing isgoing to be a one use item, everything will be used at most efficiency! See below for details
  • Str3tch – You’d think I would thought this obvious. I didn’t. In the morning before I start I’ll setup a little yoga and stretch routine to get the muscles ready. (Went to first yoga session today!)

Some Problems

Some things need to be fixed before I do the epic endevour;

  • Back Sweat – The Hammbag gets a big sweaty after skating all day. Then going to sleep in it is less then Ideal.
    IDEA: make tarp multi-use back sweet stopper. 
  • Shoe Braking – Standard skill to have whilst skating. Need to learn to do it with both feet and figure out a way for my shoes not to get completely ruined after 2 day.
    IDEA: Tyre sleepers (I’ll make this in a later post)
  • GoPro Filming – It was inconvenient to get camera out and I missed some amazing filming opportunities. Also SD card stuffed Up cause wasn’t fast enough
    SOLUTION: Make epic helmet with easy access mounts and new SD card
  • Light – Being able to see and be seen is a good ability to have.
    IDEA: Make epic helmet even more epic with additional attachments 

More Ideas

Items forgotten;

  • FA Kit – no explanation needed
  • Camel Pack – maybe use as back support and back sweet separator

Talking is also really easy and fun todo while on long skates. Will start a podcast or Alexa Debriefs for long skate so dedicated fans 😉 can here me babel on about nonsense and my thoughts, so stay tuned.

Food, only take food for 2 days. There’ll always be places to stop or snacks to find.

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